Yiyang Japanese Travel Passion of Wet Underwear Photo

Yiyang Japanese Travel Passion of Wet Underwear Photo

1 Introduction

What is sexy underwear?It is a kind of fashion and sexy underwear, suitable for women with various figures, emphasizing their own beauty, enhancing interest, and bringing unlimited enjoyment to people.As a model with equality with talent and talent, Yi Yang recently took a set of sexy underwear photos in Japan, let us appreciate them one by one.

2. Sweet style

Sweet -style sexy underwear is generally based on cute patterns and bright colors, such as rabbits, bears, strawberries, etc. Yi Yang wore a pink printed sexy underwear in this group of photos, and also paired with lace lengthSocks, very cute.

3. Sexy black

Black is a classic and sexy color, and Yi Yang also chose this classic color during the shooting.She wore a black perspective lace sexy underwear, revealing the perfect collarbone and chest lines, with black lace stockings, simple and sexy.

4. Perspective style

Perspective is one of the common forms of sexy underwear design. It allows the wearer to show the sexy figure curve and leave people in full imagination.Yi Yang wore a black perspective sexy underwear in this group of photos, reflecting her strong sexy charm.

5. Interesting underwear with self -containing accessories

The design of some sexy underwear comes with some accessories, such as stockings, necklaces, gloves, belts, etc., which allows the wearer’s sexy level to go to the next level.Yi Yang showed a sexy underwear with a necklace in this group of photos, making the overall shape more perfect.

6. Interesting underwear suitable for various figures

The size of sexy underwear is generally loose, which can adapt to women in various figures.Yi Yang is tall, but she also shows a sexy underwear suitable for small breasts. After putting it on, she perfectly wraps her chest, highlighting the perfect curve.

7. Youth Vitality Style

The youthful and vibrant sexy underwear style is relatively free and casual. The commonly used colors include light blue, light green, white, etc.Yi Yang wore a light blue sexy underwear in this group of photos and was paired with red stockings, which was vibrant and fresh.

8. Ming Yan Red

Red is a sexy color in the color of sexy underwear. Yi Yang is wearing a sexy lingerie inlaid with red lace lace. The shape is perfect and makes people unable to look away.

9. Deep V style

Deep V style sexy underwear can show women’s sexy chest curves, which is also one of the more popular design in sexy underwear.Yi Yang wore a black dark V sex underwear in this group of photos, showing her sexy collarbone and perfect chest line.

10. Summary

In general, sexy underwear is a pursuit of fashion, sexy and parallel underwear, which allows women to present the most perfect figure curve and sexy charm.In this group of Japanese travel photos of the Japanese travel underwear, Yi Yang showed a variety of style of sexy underwear, which let us see her different sexy charm.

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