Fun underwear can pass train security inspection

The problem of sexy underwear in train security

For those who like to wear sex underwear, how to deal with underwear safety inspection during travel has always been a headache.Especially when the train is needed, the requirements for security checks are stricter.Therefore, this article will explore whether the sexy underwear can pass the train security inspection.

Whether sexy underwear belongs to a prohibited product

The first thing to know is that sexy underwear does not belong to any category of prohibited products, nor does they belong to controlling items.However, they may be mistaken for suspicious items during security checks, so security personnel have the right to check them.

How to avoid being considered suspicious items

In order to avoid sexy underwear considered suspicious items, we can take some measures.For example, put them in a sealing bag with zipper so that it is not easy to be perceived by security inspectors.Or, put them in a suitcase so that they will not attract too much attention during security checks.

Pay attention

However, we need to pay attention to put underwear on the outside or pockets of the luggage.Because this is easy to be seen and caused unnecessary trouble.And, if the security personnel believe that underwear is not suspicious, they have the right to take it out and check it.

The difference between sexy underwear and other underwear

In addition, it should be noted that sexy underwear is very different from ordinary underwear in appearance.Sexy underwear is often made of lace, mesh and other materials, and tailoring is very eye -catching.Therefore, it is easier to be checked in security checks.

How to avoid sexy underwear in a security check

In order to avoid sexy underwear in the security check, we can choose some simple design and elegant styles.Try to reduce the gorgeous decoration and colorful underwear, which can reduce the probability of being discovered by the security inspection personnel.

Adult supplies

So, what about adult products?Although most adults do not have any problems with prohibited items, they are similar to sexy underwear in appearance, so they may also attract the attention of security inspection personnel.Therefore, using simple appearance and placing it in a suitcase can avoid unnecessary trouble during security checks.

Comparison of sexy underwear and adult products

What needs to be explained is that sexy underwear is different from adult supplies. Adults usually belong to controlling items, so they need to be carried in accordance with relevant national regulations.When encountering institutions that require public security organs, customs, border inspection stations, etc., they also need to pay attention to carrying relevant certification documents.


In summary, sexy underwear and adult products are not prohibited items, but they may be mistaken for suspicious items during security checks, so we need to pay attention to some methods when carrying.Finally, I suggest that you pay attention to the occasion when wearing sexy underwear or carrying adult products, and abide by national laws and regulations.

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