What to do if sexy underwear does not show chest

1. chest expansion

When some women wear ordinary underwear, their chests will expand, and sexy underwear is no exception.If your erotic underwear fails to effectively suppress the external expansion, you can choose to use a clustered sexy underwear. This underwear design can effectively suppress external expansion.

2. Choose the right material

Fun underwear material is also a very important factor.If you choose only when you choose, you only care about the sexy appearance, and you do not consider the comfort and breathability of the material, it is easy to cause the chest problem.Because the impermeable material can cause the sweltering feeling, it may also compress or squeeze the chest.

3. Choose a style with inner lining

Some sexy underwear such as jelly cups and lace cups will make the chest look not plump enough. This type of sexy underwear will cause problems such as depression and internal collection of the chest.Choosing a sexy underwear with internal lining can increase the three -dimensional feeling of the chest and make your chest more flexible and stylish when putting on the clothes.

4. Adjust the underwear size

It is very important to wear underwear size. Excessive or too small erotic underwear may lead to problems with unprepared breasts.Excessive erotic underwear cannot effectively provide support, and too small erotic underwear will also compress the chest and make it look fully plump.Therefore, when choosing underwear size, choose according to your own size, and you cannot stick to the standard size. It is best to confirm it after trying it on.

5. Use thickened chest

If your chest is relatively small and want to increase the size, you can also consider using thickened bra.This bra is filled with thick sponge, which can increase the fullness of the chest. After putting on a sexy underwear, the chest appears full.

6. Choose a layered style

Interest underwear is not only sexy, but also some layered design will make the chest more three -dimensional.For example, a lace sexy underwear with the effect of hip improvement, the design ensures that the chest is not drooping and supports the chest while making the body more perfect.

7. Perfect matching jacket

Choosing a suitable jacket can make sexy underwear more sexy, and at the same time can make up for problems that are not obvious.For example, choosing a transparent lace jacket or a low -cut dress can make the chest more conspicuous when exposing a small area of the chest.

8. Frequent use of emulsion

If your chest skin is dry or there are some problems, your chest will appear inadequate enough.The use of lotion can provide the effect of moisturizing and moisturizing, increase the elasticity of the chest skin, and make the chest look fuller.

9. The correct sitting position

The correct sitting position can adjust the position of the chest to make it more upright, and the chest looks fuller.The correct sitting position is mainly to let the chest up upwards, do not bow their heads or humpback, and maintain an upright physical attitude, which is conducive to adjusting the position of the chest.

10. Correct massage skills

Chest massage helps to promote blood circulation, and it can also make the chest full of effects.However, you must choose the appropriate massage method. Massage the chest with the correct gesture can promote the growth of muscle tissue and make the chest look fuller and plump.

In summary, selecting suitable sizes, sexy underwear with inner lining, thickened bras, selecting layered styles, perfect matching jackets, using lotion, correct sitting position and massage skills, etc., all help to solve the chest of the chestThe problem that is not obvious makes your chest plump.

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