What kind of funny lingerie is funny

1. Several issues that you need to consider before sending sex underwear

Sending love underwear is not a simple matter. You need to consider the following issues:

Is your relationship intimate?

Do you know the taste of the other party?

Have you considered the body of the other party?

Second, the funny language of sending sexy underwear

When sending sex underwear, you can use some funny words to relieve the embarrassment and tension atmosphere, such as:

"Send you this erotic underwear to ensure that your opposite sex is doubled."

"This erotic underwear is really suitable for you, because your figure makes it proud."

Third, sexual feelings and interest underwear suitable occasions

When sending sexual relationship, you need to consider the occasion, the following situation is suitable:

Valentine’s Day or Memorial Day

The birthday between you or special festivals

At a dull moment, want to have a bit of adjustment

4. Different types of adult sexy underwear and suitable for crowd

There are many different types of adult erotic underwear. The following are some suggestions suitable for the crowd:

Comfortable type is suitable for people who wear fun underwear for the first time

Full perspective type suitable for women with good figure

Leather type is suitable for women with older age and high self -confidence

5. The design characteristics of European and American sexy underwear

European and American sexy underwear has quite characteristics in design, including:

The materials are more focused on, and it is not easy to produce allergic reactions

Various design and different appearances

The price is high, often used in special occasions

6. How to correctly wear sexy underwear and increase the fun experience

If you want to wear sexy underwear and increase the sex experience in the process of sex, the following aspects need to be paid attention to:

Choose a size that suits you

Pay attention to the sequence

Show properly in the process of sex

Seven, different skin tones suitable for sexy underwear color

Different skin tones are suitable for sexy underwear of different colors. The following are some suggestions:

Deep skin color is suitable for dark red, dark purple and other dark underwear

Light skin color is suitable for pink, light purple and other light -colored underwear

White skin is suitable for all colors of underwear such as black, white, red, etc.

8. Maintenance of sexy underwear

Sex underwear requires special maintenance methods. The following are some places that need to be paid attention to:

Good hand washing is better, do not use a washing machine

Do not wash with hot water

Avoid using bleach

Nine, the choice suggestion of sexy underwear

Here are several suggestions for choosing sexy underwear:

Considering the body and taste of the other party

Try to use non -woven fabrics, cotton, etc. in good texture when buying

Choose classic styles and colors to increase stability

10. Suggestions and opinions for sending sexy underwear

Sending sex underwear needs to be carefully considered, because if the method is not right, it may be counterproductive.Sending sexy underwear correctly can increase the emotions between each other, making the relationship between the two parties closer.Therefore, if you find that your relationship is not good, you may consider sending some sexy underwear for the other party, which may have an accident.

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