What kind of sexy lingerie is selling well in winter

What kind of sexy lingerie is easy to sell in winter?

1. Red series

Winter is a warm season. People prefer to wear warm clothes. Red as a symbol of love is a very important color for the sexy underwear industry.In winter, red -color sexy underwear is more likely to cause customers’ desire to buy, especially stockings, bra and tube top products.

2. Thickened style

In winter, warmth is an important issue that the sex underwear industry needs to consider.Thicker -style sexy underwear is more suitable for winter wear, because it can provide better warmth effect.For example, thickened underwear and thick sling can become the first choice of customers in cold weather.

3. Home Leisure Series

In winter, indoor temperatures are low, and many people will want to wear more comfortable and relaxed.For such customers, the sexy underwear of the home leisure series will be more popular.For example, comfortable cotton underwear, comfortable ladies’ home clothes and pajamas are good choices.

4. Black Classic Series

Black is a very classic color that can show the elegance and taste of women.Especially in winter, black underwear is more elegant and easier to be accepted by customers.Classic sexy underwear, such as black lace three -piece set and sexy T -shaped underwear, is still the first choice for many women to buy in winter.

5. High -neck series

The high -necked series is a very popular color in winter sex underwear, which can protect the neck and chest well.In the cold winter, these high -necked sexy underwear will be favored by customers most of the time.For example, high -necked underwear and thick -collar underwear are very popular.

6. Set series

In winter, many people will prepare gifts for special days such as Valentine’s Day or Christmas.Couple set is a very popular choice and is very competitive in terms of sales.The paired underwear style, color and pattern are very important. It is best to choose the format that the public likes.

7. Silk series

Silk underwear is also very practical in winter, because it usually keeps warmth than other materials, comfortable to wear, and is very suitable for winter wearing.The thin and soft silk skirt or gauze skirt is the main style of the winter sex underwear industry, which can quickly win the love of customers.

8. Body Shaping Series

In winter, many people wear thick clothes to cover the fat on the waist and hips.But some people want to improve their bodies through sexy underwear.Shaping underwear is one of the most popular styles in winter, and the market demand is very large.A variety of fabrics with high elastic stitching can play a good shaping function.

9. Valentine’s Day series

Valentine’s Day is an important holiday in winter. It is a very good sales time for the sex underwear industry.In Valentine’s Day series, bright red, black and pink are customers’ favorite colors because they represent love and romance.Especially the design of heart -shaped patterns and lace skirts, it is easier to get the favor of customers.

10. White series

White is a very clean and pure color, and it is also a popular color in winter sex lingerie.White erotic underwear can bring customers a fresh feeling in winter, especially white underwear with visible models, which can make women look more sexy.


In winter, the sales growth of the sex underwear industry has great potential.Choose the correct color and style, understand market demand and modify the sales strategy according to the needs of customers, these are important factors to promote sales growth in winter.Winter’s sexy underwear market is very competitive, but it can only be successful only when we understand the product, grasp the sales strategy, and track the needs of customers.

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