What is the requirements for sex underwear delivery packaging

Funeral underwear delivery packaging overview

When you buy sexy underwear, you need to know how they ship.What is sexy underwear delivery packaging?In this article, we will explore the packaging and packaging requirements of sexy underwear.

Confidential packaging

Interest underwear is usually private products, so delivery packaging needs to be kept confidential to ensure your privacy.Therefore, sexy underwear usually does not display any sexy pictures or text on the packaging, but uses ordinary packaging paper to avoid unnecessary attention.

Packaging Materials

The delivery packaging of sexy underwear usually uses a strong carton to ensure that the goods will not be damaged during transportation.The packaging materials need to be waterproof, and it is necessary to fully protect the sexy lingerie during transportation to ensure the integrity of the underwear.

Delivery label

In terms of sex for underwear, we need to include basic information about orders.Under normal circumstances, information such as order number, sending address and receiving address.This can ensure that the product is accurately sent to the correct position.

Express packaging requirements

When using the courier service to send sexy underwear, there are many requirements to meet.The most important thing is to comply with the requirements of the transportation company, which enables sexy underwear to be transported smoothly without being discovered on the way.


Interest underwear is a very private product that needs to be treated with caution.Therefore, delivery packaging needs to comply with safety requirements to ensure product safety.This can protect the privacy of sexy underwear and ensure the safety of the transportation process.

Packing personalized

Many sexy underwear buyers usually want to receive products in the most unique way.Therefore, some merchants also provide personalized packaging, such as adding ribbons, greeting cards or very characteristic appearances on the packaging, which can make the receiving of sex underwear more unforgettable.

Packaging weight and size

The weight and size of the delivery packaging are very important, especially when the courier company is used.Generally, courier companies have restrictions on weight and size.Therefore, before delivery, ensure that the weight and size of the packaging meet the requirements.

Package Design

The design of sexy underwear delivery packaging needs to meet specific standards to ensure that there will be no problems during transportation, and at the same time, the packaging design can meet the customer’s requirements.Therefore, merchants need to design packaging according to customer requirements and opinions.

Packing details

Details of sex underwear delivery packaging are very important, such as sealing, packaging quality, and so on.Merchants need to ensure that every detail of the packaging meets the requirements to ensure that there will be no problems during transportation.

in conclusion

Although sexy underwear is very simple, it actually involves many requirements.Through the correct packaging, sexy underwear merchants can ensure that the goods arrive in the hands of customers safely and without damage during transportation.For consumers, the requirements of confidential packaging and personalized packaging can meet the expectations of consumers to buy sexy underwear.Therefore, it is very important for sexy underwear delivery packaging. Merchants need to be executed in accordance with the correct standards.

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