Wear sexy underwear at work

Wear sexy underwear at work

Wearing sexy underwear or sexy underwear in the office may make you more confident and comfortable, but this behavior may also bring some risks and problems.Therefore, when wearing sexy underwear, you need to pay attention to some matters. The following are a few tips to help you avoid embarrassment and trouble.

Paragraph 1: Choose the right sexy underwear

First of all, it is important to choose the right sexy underwear.When buying a sexy underwear, you need to consider the appropriateness of clothing and color, but more importantly, it is necessary to ensure that it is suitable for your body and your work.Do not choose a style that is too exposed, too tight or too complicated. You should choose tailoring and material suitable for your body. For example, comfortable and breathable cotton materials will be more respected than silk and lace.In addition, do not jump too much. Use more neutral colors to cover up the traces or outlines of the underwear.

Paragraph 2: layer layer to avoid exposure

If you are still not sure if wearing a sexy underwear in the workplace is a good idea, it is recommended that you use it as a first -layer equipment.Through layers of stacking, you can cover the sexy underwear and avoid excessive exposure.Keep in mind that layers must be appropriate. For example, you can choose a super loose pullover T -shirt or fluffy shirt to cover up sexy lingerie boxes and other inappropriate outlines.

Paragraph 3: Avoid the risk of too exposed

It is important to understand the culture and needs of workplace.If your work needs to wear uniforms or keep low -key, then wearing over -exposed sexy underwear is probably not a good idea.At the same time, if there are inappropriate employees or superiors, they may misunderstand your intentions and cause sexual harassment, so you must evaluate and prevent risks.

Paragraph 4: Pay attention to the metal jewelry on the underwear

Interest underwear may have metal jewelry, such as rivets, buckles, etc., they may make a noise when distracted.To avoid noise, you can choose hook or other lightweight jewelry to avoid using too heavy jewelry.

Paragraph 5: focusing on comfort as the weight

Keeping comfort is the most important, especially in the case of long -term work and sitting, sexy underwear cannot bring you any pain or discomfort.Therefore, choose breathable, light and comfortable materials to avoid too tight or complex patterns and heavy fabrics.

Paragraph 6: Avoid the appearance of sexy underwear traces

Sex underwear marks may appear in some unintentional circumstances, such as when wearing too exposed, too tight, or too much jumping.The stall, shoulder strap, zipper, etc. can leave obvious clues.To avoid this embarrassing situation, you can choose slim underwear such as tight T -shirts and traceless underwear to reduce the possibility of displaying lines.

Paragraph 7: Need to keep clean

Interest underwear should be cleaned and disinfected regularly like other underwear.Because they are in direct contact with human skin, they must follow the principles of cleaning and hygiene and replace them regularly.

Paragraph 8: Know cultural differences

In some cultures, sexy underwear is regarded as a very personal item, and it is inappropriate to show them in the workplace.Therefore, it is recommended that you understand the views of such things in different cultures, comply with local cultural traditions and social etiquette regulations, and avoid unnecessary legal and cultural conflicts.

Paragraph 9: Manage your own attitude

Finally, when wearing sexy underwear, keep a positive attitude.Self -confidence and self -esteem are healthy personal qualities. They can help you better deal with things in your work, but please do not let your dress and attitude cause unnecessary trouble or controversy.

Paragraph 10: Summary view

Therefore, wearing erotic underwear is risky and problematic in the workplace, but if you follow the above prompts and suggestions, you can ensure that you complete your work in a comfortable and confident state and avoid any embarrassment or problem that you have not expected.

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