Wear sex underwear transparent videos Baidu

Wear sex underwear transparent videos Baidu

Wearing sexy underwear can enhance self -confidence and sexy, but some people may not know how to wear or choose the right type.You can find many transparent videos of sexy underwear on Baidu. This method can help you understand these styles more intuitively.Here are some precautions and suggestions, hoping to help you wear.

Pay attention to size selection

It is very important to choose a suitable size. Excessive or too small will affect the effect.Foreignwear in foreign countries is generally small, so if you buy imported brands, it is recommended to choose 1-2 size.If you are tall or bigger, it is recommended to choose a sexy underwear specifically for large size.

Choose a suitable style

Everyone’s body is different from aesthetic, so pay attention to their bodies and styles when choosing sexy lingerie styles.If you are tall, you can choose naked back, sexy lace and other styles; if you have a plump figure, you can choose to be tightly designed; if you want to disclose a little mystery, you can also choose transparent or translucent materials.

With high heels

When wearing sexy underwear, high heels are a good choice.Because high heels can lengthen the legs of the legs, make the figure more slender, and better show the sexy degree of sexy underwear.Choosing high -heeled shoes with sex underwear or anti -color tones will create a more perfect effect for the entire wear.

Avoid excessive exposure

Although wearing sexy underwear can show sexy, if it is too exposed, it may lose aesthetics and affect the perception.Therefore, it is recommended to grasp the appropriate amount of wear and do not over -expose it at one time.For example, a piece of material lace sexy underwear that does not need to be used, you can choose to wear a transparent gauze shawl to cover the exposed skin part appropriately, which is more full of mystery.

Choose the right occasion

Although sexy underwear can add sexy atmosphere, it is not suitable for all occasions.If you play on the streets, public places, or with family gatherings, etc., these grand occasions are not suitable for wearing sexy underwear.To choose the right occasion and time, so that you can make your wear more decent.

Maintenance details

Interesting underwear involves private parts, so you must pay special attention to maintenance.It is recommended to use artificial washing methods to use neutral detergent, gently scrubbing, do not twist too hard, and do not expose it.And avoid mixing, avoid cleaning with other dark clothes to avoid dyeing.

Body problem

Some people are uneasy or taboos due to their own physical problems when wearing fun underwear, such as protruding stomachs and thick thighs.At this time, you can use the surrounding mix with fat -burning clothes and shoulders, which can not only play a role in tolerance and modification, but also make the whole dress more perfect and harmonious.


Whether you wear fun underwear to enhance self -confidence and sexy, or just because you feel interesting, wearing erotic underwear is generally a way you express yourself.Therefore, we should not choose the style that suits us too much, so that we can feel comfortable and comfortable.

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