The risk of opening a sexy underwear shop

Why is there a risk of sexy underwear stores?

Opening a messy lingerie shop may bring high returns, but at the same time, it is accompanied by many risks.These risks are related to the nature of such shops and need to be cautious before opening.

Fierce competition

In addition to the competition in the market, in addition to the competition of other sexy underwear stores, there are also large department stores, sportswear shops, and other shops that focus on casual clothing.This means that there must be a unique brand image that can seize customers’ attention.

Positioning issue

Another challenge facing a sexy underwear shop is to formulate a positioning strategy.Is it at the same time for men and women?Should I choose traditional, conservative or bold, creative?These all need to think and analyze in depth to establish the brand’s taste.

Inventory and cost management

Interest underwear stores require management costs and inventory.Too much buying can cause a greater inventory space, and insufficient inventory can easily lead to sales bottlenecks.At the same time, storage costs and purchase costs also need to be considered, because the price of sexy underwear is high, and it may need to maintain a high profit margin.

Rental street and location selection

It is also important to choose the geographical location of opening a store.It is a good choice to drive a large traffic in commercial districts or shopping malls, but the rent is also high.The rents are cheap on the relatively deserted streets, but the question is whether there are enough people’s flow and customer funds to support the operation.

Employment and training employees

Interest underwear stores require professional employees for sales, inventory and cost management.Employing and training these employees need time and money.However, good employees can increase customer satisfaction and make them feel comfortable and expect more products.

customer service

Customer services must ensure good reputation in order to maintain good reputation.Unauthorized sales and harassment can cause customers to lose.It is very important to provide customers with high -quality services, connecting contact, and providing them with personalized recommendations.

by law

The sexy underwear store must comply with all the laws and regulations.This includes the regulations and standards of sexy underwear in various countries.If the store opening is illegal or violated the law, it will face the risk of fines and closure of sexy underwear stores.

Market demand

Market demand is also a factor that it is necessary to consider opening a messy underwear store.It is key to accurately understand the taste and needs of customers.Fashionable, like bold, or prefer to be slightly conservative?Which styles are the most popular?Understanding market trends can help you better control business risks.


Because investment and risks coexist, opening fun and lingerie shops cannot act lightly.Commercial planning needs to be comprehensively considered, including brand positioning, market research, business models, marketing strategies, financial plans, and so on.Facing various risks and continuous innovation may be the key to continuous operation.

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