The most induced sexy lingerie embroidery

The most induced sexy lingerie embroidery

As a fashion representative, sexy underwear has made many women crazy. Interest underwear can not only show women’s sexy and beautiful, but also become a medium of harmonious emotion between sexes.Among them, the patterns and patterns embroidered on the sexy underwear add interest to the sexy underwear, making women emit a unique temperament.This article will focus on the most induced sexy underwear embroidery, hoping to bring more inspiration and the direction of selecting underwear to those who like sexy underwear.

1. First Love Series Series

As a classic of sexy underwear, the use of colorful daisy embroidery patterns of the first love feelings on the underwear, interpreting the girl’s first love feelings to the fullest.The white and elegant underwear, with the youthful green, not only sets off the youthful beauty of women, but also makes women emit a fresh and lovely atmosphere.

2. Jianai Gem Series Series

Is it a sexy girl in heavy metal melody, or an elegant queen?Jianai Gem series refuses to qualify you, only brings the purest beauty and sexy.The glittering crystals embedded on the underwear are both noble and unreasonable, becoming the favorite of many women.

3. Glose series

Compared with other series, the donut series feels more fresh and cute.It symbolizes the essential candy in the growth process of little girls. At the same time, the donut series also incorporates more tricky embroidery skills into the embroidery process of the underwear. This colorful pattern pattern makes many women love it.

4. Water

The lapel series is a very three -dimensional sexy underwear that makes women more attractive in intimacy.The embroidery skills used in this series make the highly natural three -dimensional flowers that are naturally natural, and therefore, the lapel series has become one of the sexy underwear that fits women’s figures.

5. Aesthetic style series

The beautiful style of underwear embroidery patterns are both small and fresh, but also warm and romantic hue.The embroidery pattern of the aesthetic style series is matched with warm colors, becoming the most beautiful sexy underwear.

6. Sexy wedding series

Although it seems very monotonous in the white wedding dress, in order to design more sexy underwear for women yearning for marriage, designers still continue to develop new underwear styles. Among them, the wedding lace embroidered pattern on the underwear has become an indispensable.Ignoring the trend.The sexy underwear of the wedding series is often paired with detailed patterns such as flowers, bows, beads, etc., and interpret the most beautiful and purest side of the white.

7. Black Bird Series

The embroidery pattern of the Black Bird series is unexpected. The bold and innovative bird wings are embedded in the design, mastering the popular first practice and the grasp of sexy.The sexy underwear of this series uses high -level embroidery skills, which can make the pattern details of the underwear appear and make the whole underwear more vivid and interesting.

8. Gorgeous Jewelry Series

The gorgeous jewelry series of the jewelery production technology is vivid and interesting to portray the jewelry pattern that seems to be cine.The fine stack of gorgeous jewelry series of jewelry and embroidery technology has made women exude a luxurious and elegant atmosphere, and it has also become a highlight of social occasions.

9. Elegant rose series

The elegant rose series is one of the most difficult series of underwear embroidery skills. It needs to embroidery a beautiful rose on the underwear.If you look closely, you will find that each rose is made into a three -dimensional sculpture. With fine tailoring and underwear fabrics, it renders a unique and elegant temperament.

10. Unique embroidery

Perhaps there are some sexy underwear that cannot be classified into the above series, but they still have their unique charm.Because those who are eclectic, bold and innovative, sprinkle the power of changing the world on the underwear.Just like those unique embroidery, they are like the magic in fairy tales, making women the most beautiful themselves.

In general, the style of embroidery patterns of sexy underwear is ever -changing, and each underwear has their unique temperament and charm.Choosing a sexy underwear that suits you can help express women’s personality and style, and at the same time, it can also become an important medium to communicate emotions in love.

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