The hostess heavy life -saving underwear novels

The hostess heavy life -saving underwear novels

Chapter 1: Reading the heroine

A sudden car accident made the heroine reborn to a young woman.This woman is a boss of a sexy underwear shop, running a small sexy underwear shop.

Chapter II: Change of Sex Underwear Shop

The hostess found herself in a different world, and the business in the sexy lingerie shop became extremely popular.The hostess began to optimize the store, replaced products, promoted, and attracted more guests.

Chapter III: Following Love

While running a sexy underwear store, the heroine also encountered a boyfriend who had never been able to come together in the original world.The heroine met with unprepared love, and decided to continue to pursue love in this new world.

Chapter 4: Forming and Sexy Fusion

While re -dressing the store, the heroine also began to pay attention to the integration of fashion and sexy.She constantly digs out new brands and organizes matching skills, becoming a popular fashion shopping guide in the store.

Chapter 5: The relationship between sexy underwear and women’s physical and mental health

The heroine found that in the process of running a sexy underwear store, many female guests came to seek help, and they hidden physical and mental health.The heroine decided to help female guests relieve stress and relax and relax through the choice and matching of sexy underwear.

Chapter 6: Operations become more experienced

Gradually, the heroine became the owner of the sex underwear store.Through years of experience, she has a keen insight into industry trends and market demand.She continues to adjust the layout adjustment and product display optimization, and the operation has become more experienced.

Chapter 7: Brand Cooperation

The heroine realizes that if you want to bring a sexy underwear store to a higher -end level, cooperation with high -quality brands is an essential step.Start looking for jointagons of major brands.When decided to lead to the store, some promotion of consumers want to stop.

Chapter 8: Fan Economy

Through the promotion and marketing blog forum of the new media platform, the popularity of the sex lingerie store has been well improved.The physical fans in the store also quickly increased. Through "online and offline" marketing, the fan economy has been used well.

Chapter 9: "Interest" is no longer a taboo

In the eyes of many people, sexy underwear is a kind of desire, romantic, and living in groups, but under the operation of the heroine, "interest" gradually becomes part of life and the topic of ordinary people’s lives.

Chapter 10: My opinion

Sex underwear manufacturers and merchants are upgrading the standard and design of the product.When consumers can choose arbitrarily, they will be more popular and buy purchases as a performance of self -concern. This is also the future we can see. Let us look forward to more innovation and development.

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