The boyfriend’s reaction when wearing a sex lingerie

Introduction: Boyfriend’s response is the key

In addition to making you feel confident and sexy, you can also give your boyfriend a visual impact and strengthen interest and intimacy.However, the boyfriend’s response and comments are essential for girls.So, what are the reactions of my boyfriend when wearing sex underwear?

Reaction 1: Watch the eyes

The first possibility is that you appear in front of your boyfriend wearing a sexy underwear, and his eyes are attracted in an instant.In this case, my boyfriend’s response may be staring intently at your body, or boasting from the heart to praise your body and look good.

Response 2: Blustering heartbeat

Another situation is that my boyfriend may be very shy. In the face of your dress, you are overwhelmed and blushed.At this time, you can moderate the atmosphere moderately, let him relax and add a little intimate interaction.

Reaction 3: It looks a bit scared

Some boys may feel strange or scared about sexy underwear, especially some conservative boys.At this time, you can explain to him, telling him that this is just a way to express interest and intimacy, and you don’t need to worry too much.

Reaction 4: Express strong excitement

Some boys may be very excited about sexy underwear and undulating.How to do it?You can create some sexual hints, strengthen dialogue and physical contact, and make the atmosphere more enthusiastic.

Reaction 5: Give you affirmation

Some boys may not emphasize visual enjoyment so much, but pay attention to emotional interaction.They may appreciate your behavior of wearing sexy underwear for him, thinking that this expresses your care and love for him.

Reaction 6: It seems awkward

Some boys may be very embarrassed about sexy underwear, and they do not know how to respond, causing the situation to be embarrassing.At this time, you can take the initiative to break the deadlock and resolve the embarrassment with a relaxed and witty tone.

Reaction 7: I feel a little disappointed

There are also a few boys who may be disappointed with your dress because of their high expectations.However, this does not mean that he doesn’t like the sexy underwear you wear, but it may show that he cares about your intimate relationship.

Reaction 8: No response

In the end, there is also a situation that boys have no response.This is not necessarily because he is not interested, but may be because he is accustomed to your style of wearing.At this time, you can add new elements appropriately to attract his attention.

Conclusion: Understand each other and create a better intimate atmosphere

No matter what the boyfriend’s response is, it should not be too concerned. The important thing is communication and understanding.On the basis of each other’s appreciation and understanding, I believe that sexy lingerie can add points to your intimacy.

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