Sexy underwear has other sayings

Sexy underwear has other sayings

Sexy underwear has other sayings

1. Sexy underwear

Falling underwear is a kind of sexy underwear, but not all sexy underwear belongs to the category of sexy underwear.The design of sexy underwear emphasizes curve beauty and sexy temperament.Unlike ordinary underwear, its fabrics are mostly soft and breathable materials such as silk, lace, and mesh, and they are usually designed with exposure and ecstasy.

2. Adult underwear

Adult underwear is exactly the same as that of sexy underwear. It is only because the word erotic underwear involves sexual behavior and interest. Therefore, in order not to make their interests too erotic, some people are more willing to use adult underwear to replace sexy underwear.

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3. European and American underwear

European and American underwear is a particularly popular style in sexy underwear. Its design is simple and bold, showing the charm and courage of women.European and American underwear is usually made of lace, hook flowers, etc., and the design is bold and naked, allowing women to show their figure and beauty freely.

4. Beauty back underwear

Beautiful back underwear emphasizes the beauty of the back, usually the back is slightly more exposed. At the same time, it uses materials such as hook flowers, lace, etc., so that the back of the wearer is looming and more sexy and charming.

5. tube top underwear

The tube top underwear is a bra with no strap, which provides support and shaping for women by wrapping the bust.The tube top underwear is often used in summer with off -shoulder or shoulder straps, which can perfectly display women’s shoulders and arms.

6. Small vest underwear

Small vest underwear is a vest that is similar to a vest, which is often used in small breasts.It is made of light and comfortable material, which is very breathable, which allows women to feel comfortable dressing feelings.

7. tight underwear

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Tight underwear is a way that makes body lines look more compact.It is usually made of high -elastic yarn material, which is close to the outline of the body without feeling oppression or discomfort.

8. Maid clothes dressing

Maid wear underwear is a kind of sexy underwear, and usually shows women’s charm and sexy through special design and materials.Maid wear underwear is often used to encourage role -playing games between couples.

9. Swimsuit underwear

Swimming underwear is a design similar to a swimsuit. It is often used for wearing swimsuit facilities, which further enhances the charm of women’s figure and lines.

10. Transparent underwear

Transparent underwear is an important sexy underwear style. It is characterized by transparent design, making skin and body lines more obvious.Transparent underwear is usually made of soft and breathable materials and beautiful lace.


Interest underwear is a kind of clothing and sexy clothing, which shows the charm and beauty of women’s figure through special design.At present, there are rich sexy underwear on the market. Each one has different designs and materials, and it has gradually become an important part of the women’s underwear market today.Wearing sexy underwear will make women more confidently show their figure charm and enhance the fun and fun in sex.