Zhejiang Yiwu Intellectual Underwear Show


Yiwu City, Zhejiang Province is one of the center of China’s sexy lingerie production and sales. Every year, a lot of sexy underwear exhibitions are held here, which has attracted widespread attention.The most grand one is Yiwu’s Wuweburo Show, which attracts many guests at home and abroad every year to come to watch the exhibition.This article will take you to learn more about Zhejiang Yiwu Swing Wells Exhibition.

Zhejiang Yiwu’s sexy underwear industry

Zhejiang Yiwu has the largest small commodity wholesale market in the country, and the sex underwear industry is also one of the pillar industries of the city.There are many manufacturers of Yiwu Interesting underwear, with unique design styles and appropriate prices, and products are exported to all parts of the world.At the Yiwu Infusion Underwear Exhibition, these manufacturers will show their latest design sexy underwear.

Exhibition scale

The scale of Yiwu sex underwear exhibition has been hailed as one of Asia’s largest sexy underwear exhibitions as early as a few years ago.Every year, tens of thousands of people come to visit, exchange, and procurement. The exhibition is well -known with large scale, exhibitors, and various types of sexy underwear.

Display sexy underwear type

In the Yiwu sexy underwear exhibition, the types of sexy underwear displayed are diverse, including lace sexy underwear, sexy sexy lingerie, adult erotic lingerie, European and American sexy underwear, etc.These sexy underwear attracted a lot of audiences with luxurious, comfortable, sexy, and atmospheric style.In addition, the accessories, props, etc. of sexy underwear are also displayed, allowing the audience to see the full picture of the sexy underwear at an exhibition.

Clothing show and interactive experience

At the Yiwu sexy underwear exhibition, there are not only the display of interesting underwear, but also many clothing shows and interactive experiences.The audience can not only appreciate sexy underwear static, but also see that the models show the various ways of dressing of sexy underwear on the T -shaped platform, and experience the texture of the sexy underwear.In addition, there will be various interactive links, such as interaction and drawing of models and audiences.

A communication platform between manufacturers and buyers

As an important platform for the global sexy underwear industry, the Yiwu sex lingerie exhibition not only helps display the sexy underwear design of various manufacturers, but also provides opportunities for the exchanges between manufacturers and buyers.Buyers can learn about the latest trends and development status of the global erotic underwear industry in the exhibition, and can communicate directly with manufacturers to reach their intention to cooperate.

Valuable sexy underwear products

Yiwu, as one of the important cities of China’s sexy underwear industry, has many high -quality sexy underwear manufacturers, and these manufacturers have launched sexy underwear products very much cost -effective, so they are welcomed by buyers at home and abroad.At the Yiwu Infusion Underwear Exhibition, the manufacturers participating in the exhibition are well -known manufacturers in the industry, and the sexy underwear products brought by it have attracted much attention.

The atmosphere of sex underwear show

The atmosphere of Yiwu Interesting Underwear Exhibition is relaxed and lively, with a variety of exhibits, rich colors, sexy and elegant, which increases the attractiveness of the exhibition.Although the nature of the exhibits is extremely private, the exhibition has a very good discussion and exchange atmosphere, and the audience has also got rid of the traditional concept and can appreciate the exhibits without shyness.

Popular trend display

Yiwu Wet Lingerie Exhibition is also one of the platforms for showing sex underwear design trends.In each year, there will always be some manufacturers launched the latest design to show their cutting -edge creativity and trend.From the exhibition, people can feel the cutting -edge situation of sexy underwear design, understand the different sexy underwear design styles of various regions, and guess the future sex underwear design direction.

Combined with culture and art

The Yiwu sex lingerie exhibition combines the design of sexy underwear with culture and art, showing the novel and unique design elements.As an art form, sexy underwear has been given more creativity, so that more people can appreciate and contact this art form.Visitors can see a variety of wonderful and magnificent erotic underwear designs, so that their artistic appreciation ability has been better carried forward.


In general, the Yiwu Infusion Underwear Exhibition, as one of the events of the sex underwear industry, shows the latest trend of the industry’s development and attracts the attention and participation of a large number of markets.With the growing demand for the future, we look forward to more sexy underwear manufacturers to join, and promote the development of this industry with better sexy underwear products.