Zhang Xiaoyu Interesting Underwear Lower Body

Zhang Xiaoyu’s selection of the body underwear underwear

Zhang Xiaoyu is a female model and dancer in Mainland China. She has a tall shape and long legs, with long legs and outstanding temperament. When she takes photos of sexy underwear, she will always perform a different sexy feeling.And what is the choice of Zhang Xiaoyu for the purchase of fun underwear?The following is a detailed introduction for you:

Thong pants are the first choice

When choosing a sexy underwear, the thong is the first choice of Zhang Xiaoyu.Because the design of thongs can fully show the hip curve, and at the same time make the waist lines more prominent and charming.In addition, thong also has a sexy visual effect, so it is also the choice of many women.

The romantic sense of lace inlaid

Zhang Xiaoyu also likes Zhang Xiaoyu in the sexy underwear inlaid underwear inlaid.The design of this type of underwear is more romantic, and it is also a little sexy.The lace inlaid can make the lines of women’s hips more prominent, so that women’s bodies have a sexy and charming feeling at the same time.

Sexy lace increases women sexy sexy

Lace design is the mainstream of sexy underwear and Zhang Xiaoyu’s favorite.The design of this sexy underwear is inspired by the flowers of flowers and flowers, which can double the charm of women.The lace lines can well portray the curve of women’s waist and hips, showing a very sexy effect.

The matching of sexy stockings and sexy underwear

When matching a sexy underwear, sexy stockings are a good choice.Sexy stockings can not only strengthen the effect of sexy underwear, but also bring a messy sexy feeling.And Zhang Xiaoyu also likes to match the sexy underwear with stockings, so that it can create a sexy and feminine effect at the same time.

Black -colored sexy underwear with sexy clothes

When choosing a sexy underwear, black is an absolutely not wrong choice.Black erotic underwear makes women more charming and sexy, and matches with various colors of clothes.At this time, combining sexy black and sexy underwear and sexy clothes can make women look more sexy and charming.

Different erotic underwear design attempts

Sometimes, when trying new sexy underwear design, we can also make our sexy feel more prominent.Zhang Xiaoyu also likes to try some different sexy underwear designs to make her sexy charm.

Different situations and different effects

The effect of sexy underwear is also different in different situations.For example, use in common conditions can make your body more prominent and charming; between couples, using sexy underwear can inspire the long -standing enthusiasm of both parties and enhance sexual interest.

Pay attention to the selection of size

When choosing a sexy underwear, you must pay attention to the selection of the size.If the size of the sexy underwear you buy is too large or too small, it will greatly affect its sexy effect.Zhang Xiaoyu suggested that when buying, you must measure your size first, and then choose according to his basic situation.

Suitable for yourself

In the end, Zhang Xiaoyu believes that the most important point of choosing a messy underwear is suitable for him.Don’t be affected by the choice of others. Only by buying a sexy underwear that suits you can make your sexy charm more prominent.


The above introduces you in detail the choice of Zhang Xiaoyu’s sexy underwear.When buying, compared to the products provided by many sexy underwear stores, choose the best magic weapon for women to be sexy, comfortable, comfortable, and excellent.