Yue Sister Fun Underwear Yin Water

Yue Sister Fun Underwear Yin Water

When we mention sexy underwear, we often think of sexy and hot temptation.However, in fact, sexy underwear is a underwear that can meet the needs of different women.In particular, the erotic lingerie of Yujie not only shows women’s independence, sexy, elegant and mysterious, but also bring unprecedented pleasure.In this article, we will explore a technique in Yujie’s sexy underwear: Yin flowing water.If you want to add freshness and excitement to your love life, please read this article to learn more about the erotic underwear flowing water.


First of all, we need to understand the wearing posture of Yujie’s sexy underwear flowing water.Unlike general sexy underwear, the design of Yinliu water underwear is more complicated.When you put on it, it will fit more fits your body than ordinary underwear, highlight your body curve, and use specific materials to stimulate your sensitive parts.Therefore, when wearing a yin -running underwear, you must choose not only the size that suits you, but also the style that suits your body shape.Only by choosing the correct underwear style can we experience the pleasure brought by the flowing water to the greatest extent.

Soft and hardness choice

Yinliu water underwear is available for choice.The hardness is distinguished by R1, R2, R3, and so on. R1 represents the softest and R3 represents the hardest.Different hardness is suitable for different women’s needs. For example, R1 is suitable for women who are trying for the first time, R2 is suitable for women who pursue orgasm, and R3 is suitable for women who pursue strong feelings.When buying underwear, you should choose according to your needs.

Material selection

The material of the underwear is a factor that must be considered when choosing yin flow underwear.Different materials bring different stimuli and feelings.Generally speaking, common materials are TPR, TPE and silicone.TPR texture is soft and flexible; TPE has a hard texture and good elasticity; the texture of the silicone is stronger and the granularity is stronger. These materials can be selected according to different needs.


Because the yin -flowing underwear is very close, the technique of placing is very important.Putting underwear in an invalid area will waste its stimulus effect.The correct placement should be close to the sensitive area, but be careful not to place it on the seat that directly contacts the body.Some women will place yin -flowing underwear in underwear or crotch, which can better experience the stimulus in these special areas.


When using a yin -flowing underwear, you need to be familiar with some use skills.First of all, it is best to clean it before use, and use the vaginal lubricant after drying. Do not increase the use of use during use.female.After use, according to the material and hardness of the underwear, use professional cleaning tools to clean it to extend the life of the underwear.

Suitable occasion

Yinliu water underwear is suitable for different occasions.Whether you are lying on the bed and enjoying sex, watching movies at home, or going out, Yinliu Water Underwear can make you feel unprecedented pleasure and enjoyment.Of course, you can fully experience the pleasure of yin and flowing in different occasions. You need to make more preliminary preparations and thoroughly understand each underwear, so that you can bring a true good experience.

Female masturbation

If you are a single woman or want to discover the pleasure yourself, please don’t miss the opportunity to masturbate with Yinliu underwear.You can use it for masturbation and double your pleasure.Masturbation using Yinliu underwear can not only solve the needs of single women, but also make sexual lovers seek new self -discovery and stimuli.


When using Yin flow underwear, you need to pay attention to some details.First of all, do not place underwear in direct sunlight to prevent the material and service life of underwear.Secondly, take a closer look at the instructions of the use, and fully understand the related knowledge of underwear before use; in addition, the underwear must be placed separately, and do not superimposed with other items, otherwise it will damage the underwear.


In this article, we discussed the classification, wearing posture, hardness, material selection, placing and use techniques, suitable occasions, women masturbation, and precautions of the erotic underwear.Of course, the most important thing is that they should be patient and cautious when used, and fully consider the risks and income required by nature and use.If you want to try new pleasure, and want to make sex couples more fun, try the yin flow underwear.

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