Young woman sexy underwear mirror selfie

Young woman sexy underwear mirror selfie

The appearance of sexy underwear has added a lot of fun to women’s sexual life.Many women choose to wear sexy underwear at home or homestays and take private photos."Mirror selfie" is one of the ways.Below, I will introduce to you how to take a selfie photo of the mirror with sex underwear.

1. Select the right style of sexy underwear

Before taking selfies of the mirror, you must first choose a suitable sexy underwear.Suitable erotic underwear should not only reflect his sexy, but not to make people feel too exposed or embarrassing.With age, the style and material of sexy underwear should also gradually change to mature directions.

2. Pay attention to the overall shape

When taking a selfie in a mirror, it may not be attractive to wearing a sexy underwear.With other clothing, jewelry or cosmetics, it can add the charm of the overall shape.For example, with a pair of high heels or wearing some sexy earrings.When taking pictures, you can choose different postures freely according to your body and temperament.

3. Use the mirror’s mystery

When taking a selfie of the mirror, the mirror can also be an interesting prop.You can put various postures in front of the mirror, or turn to take pictures.With the reflective effect of the mirror, you can deliberately blur the outline of the body and form a mysterious and attractive feeling.

4. Pay attention to the angle selection

When taking selfies of mirrors, you should avoid choosing too ordinary angles.For women with outstanding figure, you can choose to take photos at low angles.For women who are not very confident, they can choose a higher shooting angle, highlight their advantages, and hide their own flaws.

5. Pay attention to the use of light

When taking selfies of mirrors, the use of light is very important.You should avoid choosing an overly dull environment, but you should choose natural light or soft light as much as possible.This can better highlight the outline and temperament of the body.

6. Private privacy should be protected when shooting

When taking selfies of mirrors, you should also pay attention to protecting your privacy.It is best to choose to shoot at home or private homestays, and avoid directly exposing your face and other iconic characteristics as much as possible.

7. Don’t worry about imperfect figure

Do not worry about your imperfect figure when taking a selfie of the mirror.Everyone has their own advantages and deficiencies. As long as they can give full play to their own characteristics and use the matching of clothing and posture, they can still take very attractive photos.

8. Carefully modify after taking pictures

After the selfie of the mirror, it is necessary to be appropriately modified and edited to express yourself vividly and interesting.Filted effects such as mobile phones comes with later effects tools can help us correct the color difference, lack of light and shadow in the shooting, and highlight the details of the skin.


All in all, mirror selfies are a fun way of shooting.Under the reflection of the mirror and the adjustment of the posture, with the sexy underwear suitable for you, it is enough to show the sexy and elegant of women.Regardless of the style, as long as you give full play to your own characteristics, each woman can become a mirror artist.

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