Yi Xi Qianxi Interesting Underwear Advertising Video

Yi Qian Qianxi and sexy underwear

Recently, a sexy underwear advertisement video endorsed by Yi Xi Qianxi has caused a lot of controversy in social media.In the advertisement, Yi Xi Qianxi wore a black sexy underwear, playing with underwear, showing a shameful expression.

Background introduction

As one of the idols of the new generation, Yi Xi Qianxi has also attracted much attention.However, in the eyes of some people, in the eyes of some people, there seems to be some idol image that violates fresh and healthy idols.


Many people hold different attitudes towards Yi Xi Qianxi’s interesting underwear.Some people think that this is contrary to the image that idols should have, and some people think that this is a new attempt with innovative significance.

Merchant intention

For sexy underwear brands, popular idols such as Yi Xi Qianxi have brought great attention to the brand and also brought a lot of business value to the brand.For Yi Xi Qianxi himself, endorsement of sexy underwear has also added topics and popularity for it.


However, in this era of informationization and the Internet, the image of an artist no longer belongs to themselves and the public.When an idol endorses a product, it will involve the brand reputation and social impact of this product.

Social value

As a sexual cultural industry, sexy underwear has already been large -scale at home and abroad.The endorsement of sexy underwear itself is not illegal, but it is possible to use this to promote sexual health knowledge and improve the healthy development of sexual culture.

Entertainment marketing

Yi Xi Qianxi’s words of fun underwear also indirectly displayed the diversity of marketing methods.Combining strange marketing methods with the image of the star can better attract the attention of young consumers.

Many pros and cons

In the short term, the benefits brought by Yi Xi Qianxi’s words of sexy underwear are obvious: brand exposure increases, increased their popularity of idols, and increased business value.However, in the long run, image risk and social evaluation will cause adverse effects on idols and brand images, and may also cause questions and dislikes of fans’ emotional marketing.


More and more stars and brands have begun to use novelty marketing methods. This marketing method can be promoted and respected in a specific environment.However, from the long run, brands and celebrities should still make a good balance of marketing and image. While attracting attention, they should also take into account the long -term development of the brand and image.


Thank you for reading. We firmly believe that everyone has its own aesthetic and value concepts. For events such as celebrities’ interrogation of sexy underwear, we should face it objectively and calmly to seek better development.

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