Yehuo open the gear sex underwear show


Interesting underwear, it seems that it is no longer a flesh -colored old -fashioned style.The fun underwear of the night fire breaks through the level of sexy underwear, and has an unparalleled expression in beauty, dressing, and enjoyment.Next, this article will take you up close to understand the fun underwear of the night fire.

Style introduction

Night -fire opening sexy underwear is a very sexy underwear. It has a variety of styles: for example, a cup without the chest, the vest style with a thin band, the low -neck -necked underwear, etc.The species have distinctive characteristics.

Material Introduction

Most of the fabrics of the sexy underwear in the night fire are selected, which makes it very close to it.In addition, in terms of taste, the material is smooth, skin -friendly, and the comfort of wearing is greatly improved.

Use introduction

The most important function of the nightfire open -stall is of course to create a good and romantic figure. At the same time, it can also enhance the charm and taste of the husband and wife, and make the boring life full of romantic harmonious fun.

For people

Night -fire opening sexy underwear is suitable for all women who love, love, and love. Whether it is slim or plump, as long as you can wear it, you can wear very sexy and charming.

Wearing skills

When wearing a sexy underwear, you must have a certain skill. First of all, you must choose the right size. You must not be too large or too small. You must feel firm and not.At the same time, pay attention to details when wearing, such as adjusting the shoulder straps, alignment side, etc.


In terms of matching, it is best to wear the sexy underwear in the night fire. It is best to wear it with a suit or sexy pajamas, which can make the whole set of clothing more perfect and harmonious.When pairing with shoes, high heels can best set off the sexy sexy underwear in the night fire.


The maintenance of the sexy underwear on the night fire is also very important. It is not advisable to stretch hard. Avoid cutting corners.When washing, select a neutral washing solution. Do not use a washing solution containing fluorescent agents, and rub it gently when washing to avoid damage to the fabric.

How to choose

When buying a night -fire sexy underwear, in addition to choosing your favorite style, you should also pay attention to the quality, use, comfort and other factors of the fabric.In addition, choose products produced by regular manufacturers to avoid buying inferior products.

Recommended Brand

At present, in the market, nightfire, Sloggi, Aimer and other brands of nightfire opening sexy underwear are more recommended.The products of these brands are excellent in quality, good fabric elasticity, skin -friendly, high comfort, and more affordable prices.


All in all, the night fire opening sexy underwear is a very good sexy underwear. It has a variety of styles, a variety of colors and comfortable fabrics. It is also a very practical equipment.

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