Yang Yanlin Fun Jie Yue


Yang Yanlin is a highly anticipated artist who is very good at wearing fashionable and sexy clothing, including sexy underwear.Her style is very attractive. If you want to learn her dress style, you must study her sexy underwear.In this article, let’s see what types of sexy underwear Yang Yanlin likes to wear.

Lace underwear

Lace underwear is one of Yang Yilin’s favorite.This underwear is usually soft and breathable, which can perfectly show her figure.The reason why Yang Yanlin likes to wear lace underwear is that they have both sexy effects and comfortable.One of the advantages of this underwear is that women look more sexy, and are suitable for various occasions, including spending leisurely weekends at home, or out -of -party parties.

Shoulder -free underwear

Another type of underwear that Yang Yanlin often wear is the shoulder -free underwear.This underwear is very suitable for off -shoulder clothes, because there is no shoulder strap at all, and there are no other debris.The shoulder -free underwear is very tight, which can be fixed on the body well, so that women do not have to worry about the embarrassment of falling.The disadvantage of this underwear is that it has a certain amount of familiarity for women who just worn, but once they are familiar, they will become very comfortable.

Drain and underwear suits

The bras and panties suits are a kind of sexy underwear welcomed by Yang Yanlin.This underwear is very suitable for women who want to make their bodies look firm and sexy.There are many different colors and styles of the bra and panties. You can choose a suit that suits your style to enhance self -confidence.This sexy underwear is also very suitable for special occasions such as Valentine’s Day or Anniversary.

Underwear dress

Underwear dress is another kind of sexy underwear that Yang Yanlin likes.This underwear looks like a skirt, but it is actually a jacket underwear that can be worn alone.Underwear dresses are very suitable for wearing in the bedroom, especially in romantic nights or solid lights, it looks very sexy.

Abdominal underwear

Abdominal underwear is a kind of underwear that can significantly reduce abdominal fat.Their design is very tight, which can make women’s bodies strong support, thereby making the figure firmer and sexy.Yang Yanlin especially recommends this underwear because she likes to maintain her beautiful curve and ensure that she looks confident and charming on any occasion.

Wool underwear

Wool underwear is a very fashionable and sexy sexy underwear.They are usually made with soft materials to make women’s bodies look softer and sexy.This underwear has many different styles and colors, allowing women to choose a suit that suits them to increase confidence and sexy.

Lace underwear

Lace underwear is a very elegant and fashionable sexy underwear.These underwear are usually made of soft and sweet lace materials, which can perfectly show women’s elegance and sexy.This underwear is very suitable for wearing in a romantic date, or as a underwear on the wedding day.

Bodied underwear

Bid -body underwear is a sexy underwear that can effectively improve the figure.This underwear is very tight, which can effectively reduce the fat on the abdomen and waist, and make women’s body firmer and sexy.This underwear is very suitable for wearing tight clothes, evening dresses, and other occasions that need to lose weight.

Shoulder strap underwear

Shoulder strap underwear is a very simple and practical sexy underwear.This underwear is usually a shoulder strap, but they are usually tighter than other shoulder straps, and they can be fixed on the body well.This underwear is very suitable for daily life, because they are very comfortable and can make women look more confident in any occasion.

Overall view

As we see, Yang Yanlin’s sexy underwear style is mainly comfortable, sexy, and practical.Her favorite type is lace underwear, breasts and underwear suits and underwear dresses.The types of erotic underwear she often wear include shoulder straps, abdominal underwear, woolen underwear, lace underwear, bodies underwear and shoulder strap underwear.Whenever and time, the sexy underwear suitable for you can make women feel more confident and charming.

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