Xu Yinglan’s sexy underwear show confusion


Recently, Xu Ying shared a group of photos of blue sex underwear show on Weibo, which aroused the attention and heated discussion among netizens.Xu Ying wore a blue -colored erotic underwear, full of scale, full of temptation, but not losing elegance, which was amazing.

Types of blue sex underwear

Blue erotic underwear has both sexy styles, such as back, pressing flowers, etc., but also fresh styles, such as lace and bow.Select different styles according to different needs and occasions.

Sexual style choice

Sexy -style blue erotic underwear mostly uses high -quality fabrics, such as silk, lace, mesh eyes, etc., which can highlight the body curve of women and enhance the sexy charm of women.In addition, sequins, silk belts and other decorations can also increase their display.

Fresh style choice

The fresh style blue sex underwear is mainly comfortable fabrics such as lace and cotton. The style is simple and can better show the feminine side.

Subscribe to the choice of occasions

In different occasions, you need to choose different blue sexy underwear.For example, in private occasions, you can selectively sexy blue sexy underwear, showing your charm in a romantic atmosphere; and in public, you need to choose a fresh -style blue sexy underwear, which is more elegant.

With suggestions

In terms of matching, blue sex underwear can be matched with makeup and clothing of the same color system to enhance the sense of unity and fashion.You can also try to match other colors of clothing or shoes to increase highlights.


When buying blue sex underwear, you need to pay attention to the quality of the fabric, the appropriateness and comfort of the style.You can go to a regular sexy underwear or online mall to avoid buying a style that is not good or not suitable for you.

The trend of blue sex underwear

In recent years, blue sex underwear has become a new favorite in the sexy underwear market, and its fresh, elegant and sexy characteristics have been loved and sought after by more and more consumers.

Xu Ying’s blue sex lingerie shape

Xu Ying’s blue erotic underwear is dominated by the elements such as lotus leaf, lace, and perspective, showing her sexy, elegant, and charming side.Xu Ying’s matching and choices have also provided a lot of inspiration for women.


As the new favorite of the sexy underwear market, blue sex underwear has the characteristics of fresh, elegant, and sexy, and is loved and sought after by many consumers.When choosing, matching, and buying, you need to match and choose according to your needs and occasions.

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