Wulong sexy underwear of foreigners

Wulong sexy underwear of foreigners

Wulong is located in the south of Chongqing. It is famous for its strange mountains, beautiful canyons, mountains, hills, and karst landforms. In recent years, it is famous for its unique and tempting sexy underwear in recent years.For tourists from other places, Wulong’s sexy underwear is definitely worth visiting.Let’s take a look at what the sexy underwear looks like here.

the story behind

Wulong’s sexy underwear industry can be said to be a grassroots entrepreneurial project. At first, only a few young people tried to create some unique underwear styles with their research on the underwear industry and traditional hand -made understanding.At that time, the economic conditions were limited, and they could only be designed and used by themselves.After some efforts, they finally produced several good -selling sexy underwear. Soon after they took a picture, they decided to build their own brand- "XXX".Over the years, as market demand has continued to increase, they are constantly improving their products and services.

Style classification

There are many types of sexy underwear in Wulong, and different styles are suitable for different occasions and personalities.It can basically be divided into the following categories:

Teasing series

This series of sexy underwear focuses on teasing and exciting, and is most suitable for fun or dating.For example, a fun lace suspender can fully show the charm and sexy of women.

Highlighting series

This series of erotic underwear focuses on highlighting the figure, compressed the waist circumference, lifted the chest, showing a perfect figure proportion, suitable for dressed in various occasions.For example, a clustered bra, which can make your chest more prominent and put on your confidence.

Sexy series

This series of erotic underwear is like its name, it is to give people a sexy feeling, which makes people unable to refuse the temptation.Suitable for you to wear it special, such as your lover’s birthday gift (note, don’t let your male ticket know).

Characteristic element

Wulong’s sexy underwear focuses on the sense of skin and design, and has added a lot of special elements.Among them, the most typical is traditional handmade embroidery skills and national style elements.There are also some sexy lingerie involving current popular elements, such as rainbow -colored stockings and candy -colored underwear, which fully display your sexy elements.

Method of purchase

In Wulong, fun underwear has long become a fashion style, which can be purchased in many local shopping malls, department stores and specialty stores.Or you can also buy these sexy underwear on some online stores.


No matter where you come from, you must pay attention to some small details when buying sexy underwear.For example, if you need to choose good quality materials, it is best to have breathable cotton or silk; choosing your favorite color can show your own personality; choose your own size, do not blindly follow the trend to ensure your health.


In the end, what I want to say is that Wulong is not just these fashionable sexy underwear. It also has many places worthy of our excavation and exploration. From natural landscapes, historical culture, food style, etc.Feel infinitely broad and unlimited.I believe it will make people find their own treasure here.

Therefore, if you have the opportunity to travel to Wulong, in addition to trying the sexy underwear there, you can also enter the mountain forest of Wulong to explore the magical scenery there and feel the historical and cultural style of Wulong.It will definitely leave you unforgettable memories.

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