Wuhan Sex Underwear Company Recruitment

Introduction to Wuhan sex lingerie company

Wuhan is located in the central region, with a wide market, and there are many opportunities to develop various businesses.As an emerging industry, sexy underwear has great development potential.Joining Wuhan Fun Underwear Company, this is a good way for entrepreneurship.Wuhan Sexy Lingerie Company is a newly established brand to provide the highest quality of sexy underwear.The company is headquartered in Wuhan and is currently recruiting talents of various positions.

Recruitment positions and requirements

The current staff recruited by Wuhan Fairy Underwear Company include: sales consultants, designers, models, finance, marketing, etc.The company requires personnel to have a high sense of responsibility, strong communication, coordination and arrangement ability, as well as good expression ability and teamwork spirit.Those who have sexy underwear -related work experience or a good service consciousness are preferred.

sales consultant

Sales consultants are the core positions in the company. The main responsibilities are to provide professional advice and guidance through understanding of customer needs, and complete sales tasks.Can provide customers with the best shopping experience and increase customer return rates.This position requires a good communication ability, affinity, and patient service attitude, and the background of the professional knowledge of sexy underwear is preferred.


The designer is mainly responsible for the design and style of sexy underwear.It is necessary to have an in -depth understanding of the market, have a keen sense of smell for the trend, and need a certain creativity and intelligence.This position requires excellent professional skills and professionalism, can well grasp the design trend of sexy underwear and integrate it into the design.


As a model of sexy underwear companies, you need a certain professional knowledge and skills to show our company’s products.The company needs the perfect interpretation of the model when taking pictures or actual performances, highlighting the products we sell.In the recruitment of models, the first consideration is the appearance of the appearance, and the second is that the body proportions are coordinated, and those with rich experience are preferred.


Marketing is the key to the development of the company, including a variety of advertising and publicity methods.Market promoters need good judgment to predict market trends and take action to adjust their sales strategies based on market feedback and customer needs.As a marketing promoter, it is necessary to control digital marketing skills, innovative awareness and proficiency in social media.

Interview process

In Wuhan’s Info Underwear Company, we will arrange for the first test of the personnel who have been screened by the resume, and the candidate after the initial test will participate in the interview.In the interview, we will consider your professional skills, knowledge background and work experience.If you reach our request, we will sign a labor contract with you next and give you corresponding positions and treatment.

Salary and benefits

Wuhan sex underwear company offers competitive salary and benefits, and we will pay according to the position and working life of employees.The company’s welfare mainly includes five insurances and one gold, paid annual leave, employee birthday benefits, holiday gifts, and outdoor activities.The company is committed to providing a good working environment and makes our employees feel comfortable.

Company’s future development

Wuhan Sexurian Underwear Company is committed to becoming a leading brand in the sex underwear industry. The company’s future development planning includes a broader market, strengthening cooperation with partners, and improving the quality and service level of the product.Join our team, you will get a chance to play your talents and value, lead a competitive salary and benefits, and a transparent and open working environment.

Recruitment summary

If you are interested in sexy underwear and you have the background and position related requirements we need, please join our team. We welcome all people with outstanding skills and far -sighs to join.With the development of the company, we look forward to creating glory with you and creating a better future.

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