Women’s transparent sexy underwear open stall

Women’s transparent sexy underwear open stall

Interesting underwear, as an indispensable prop to enhance the relationship between husband and wife, is becoming more and more enthusiastic about women.And with the changes in the times, sexy underwear has become a luxury of art.Among them, the opening of transparent erotic underwear is favored by many urban women.So, how is this underwear special?Let’s discuss one by one.

1. What is transparent sexy underwear open file

The opening of transparent sexy underwear refers to the crotch opening in the entire underwear, and the designs are specially designed to show the wonderful curve of the female body.Usually there is a crotch on the hips or chest, and it is generally not too exposed, but it is only a transparent stimulus on the basis of sexy.

2. Types of transparent sexy underwear

There are many types of transparent sexy underwear, such as G-string pants, lace bra, three-point style, and so on.Among them, G-string pants are shaped in T-shaped, which is more like wearing a transparent belt.The lace bra is made of fully transparent lace material, revealing the proud upper circumference of women; three -point formula is a underwear with only three points of cloth, which is simply a teasing upper body.

3. The sexy place of transparent sexy underwear opens gear

The sexy part of transparent erotic underwear is that it can get a balance between sexy and conservative.Its stimulus points are not exposed, but to strengthen sexy through transparent material embellishment.Even if you wear in family life, you can add interest.

4. Applicable objects for transparent sexy underwear

Transparent erotic underwear is suitable for a partner who has been married for many years, dull life, and wants to improve intimate relationships.Moreover, the age layer is not fixed, and adult women can try.

5. How to choose transparent erotic underwear to open the file

First of all, choose the underwear suitable for your own underwear; second, choose different styles of transparent erotic underwear to open the file according to your preference; finally, you must consider whether it is comfortable and practical. The comfort of the underwear is an important factor.

6. Maintenance method of transparent erotic underwear files

The maintenance of transparent erotic underwear is very important. Be careful not to wash with other colors of clothing, and do not use bleach. It is recommended to wash it by hand.

7. How to open the gear with transparent sexy underwear

The transparent sexy underwear can choose to match with a jacket or shorts, add some mystery, and can also be worn directly on the body, showing self -confidence and beauty.

8. Transparent sexy underwear opens and true sexy

Transparent sexy underwear is not necessarily sexy.Although it can stimulate people by vision, the real sexy is reflected in the inner self -confidence and charm.The opening of transparent sexy underwear is just a kind of auxiliary product, which cannot completely replace its sexy and attractiveness.

Conclusion: As a prop to increase interest and increase the relationship between husband and wife, transparent sexy underwear can be worn in appropriate circumstances.However, the quality, comfort should be consistent with your temperament when choosing.The most important thing is that the true sexy is reflected in the inner self -confidence and charm, and do not depend on wearing items too much.

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