Women’s erotic lingerie small size

Women’s erotic lingerie small size

Women’s sexy underwear can not only increase the taste and change between couples, but also become the daily wear of many women.But for women with smaller figure, finding a suitable size is a difficult thing.This article will introduce you to the choice and precautions of women’s sexy underwear.

1. Understand the definition of small codes

"Small size" does not refer to the thin body, but the size of the underwear, usually refers to the size of A cup and below.When women choose sexy underwear, they should choose the style and size that suits them according to their body size and the size of the underwear.

2. Select the right style

The design of small size underwear is usually relatively simple, so there are relatively few styles.But we can choose designs such as perspective, less cups, lace, hollowing out to increase the sexy and visual effects of underwear.In addition, we can choose more rich styles such as stitching, texture.

3. Material selection

When choosing a small -size underwear, the choice of material is also very important.Some materials such as plastic particles may stimulate the skin and cause adverse reactions to the skin.Therefore, choosing soft materials such as carbon fiber, latex, lace, etc. is the best choice.

4. Quality consideration

Although the design of the small size sexy underwear is simple, the quality is also a focus we consider.The first -class sexy underwear can ensure comfortable wear, extend the service life, and also ensure hygiene.It is recommended to choose well -known brands or online merchants to buy products with too low quality.

5. Suitable occasions

Different occasions require different underwear support.For example, tight underwear requires tight underwear; and some formal occasions need to be comfortable and soft breathable underwear.Choose a party and romantic nights from a suitable perspective to make you feel comfortable and comfortable on different occasions.

6. The correct way to wear

Small size of sexy underwear may be easier to get out of control and wear, so pay attention to the method of wearing.The correct method of dressing will make your body more beautiful and charming.Pay attention to the elasticity of the shoulder strap and the angle of adjusting the cleavage. Do not tighten or too loose.

7. Maintenance method

The quality of small size underwear is relatively fragile, so it needs to be more cautious.It is recommended to wash according to the label instructions on the underwear, and do not use high temperature and inappropriate detergent.You need to pay attention to it when storing, and you cannot be tied together, otherwise it is prone to deformation and damage.

8. Reasonable matching

No matter what kind of design and style of underwear, only with accessories that are suitable for you can perfect the charm of underwear.For example, choose the corresponding underwear, conjoined underwear and leggings to create a perfect appearance.

9. The most suitable color

Each woman’s skin tone and personality are different, so they must also choose different colors according to different people.Some bright and exaggerated colors, such as red, purple, pink, etc., are very common in sexy underwear.If shy or unfamiliar, you can choose white, black and other colors.

10. Conclusion

The small size of sexy underwear is very inconvenient, but we should choose the style and size that is suitable for us, wear on the right occasion, and pay attention to quality and maintenance.As long as you choose correctly, you can show perfect self -confidence and charm!

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