Wife in sexy underwear goes to me


Interest underwear has always been a hot topic of discussion. It can not only increase interest and improve sexual life, but also one of the choices for many people daily.Here, I will share my experience and insights about my wife in the sexy underwear.

Model and style

When choosing a sexy underwear, there are many different models and styles to choose from.Among them, the most popular include sexy underwear suits, accessories, conjoined and suspenders.Each sex underwear has its own highlights. The following are some types of noticeable types:

Interesting underwear suits-composed of different types of clothing, sometimes with sexy accessories, is the perfect choice for creating the sexiest and most charming image.

Accessories-like sexy gloves, lace masks, lace handcuffs and other items can bring more details and auxiliary elements to your sexy underwear, which can bring great improvement to the overall image.

Conjusational underwear-Similar to a swimsuit design, this underwear is usually composed of a conjoined women’s loose men’s navel dress, shorts or pants, which is suitable for any occasion.

The suspender underwear-a thin shoulder strap or no shoulder strap design makes them very suitable for wearing or matching with other clothes alone, and make the back and shoulder area more exquisite.


It is very important to understand the size of sexy underwear, especially because the perspective of these clothes will increase people’s uncertain factors.Therefore, you need to ensure that you measure the bust, waist, hip circumference, etc. as much as possible.Make sure you determine your size before buying.

Material and quality

Sex underwear production materials are often very diverse, such as lace, fiber, mesh, translucent, leather, etc.High -quality underwear produced by many brands use high -quality materials and pay attention to production technology and details.At the same time, the embroidery and patterns created by these brands are also very delicate and exquisite, and the quality is worthy of recognition.Therefore, you need to consider whether the quality of your sexy underwear is worth bidding.


The color of sexy underwear is also a core element.The appearance is beautiful, there are colors such as Saturn, Red, Black, or Clean-White.However, the choice of color also needs to be considered. For example, if you wear it during the day, the colorful color may be too exaggerated and not suitable.Therefore, to buy the color suitable for your own needs.


Before trying sexy underwear, you need to prepare for understanding.Think about how it affects your feelings and tastes, and how to make you feel more sexy, confident, comfortable and so on.Therefore, it is important to conduct full research and evaluation before choosing.


The matching method of sexy underwear is very important, which can make your sexy underwear more perfect.For example, you can match jewelry such as high heels, long gloves, make the whole look more plump and perfect.However, after choosing, you need to pay attention to the overall matching to avoid conflicting conflicts and uncoordinated. Only by proper match can you get the best results.


After purchasing sexy underwear, maintenance is very important, it also guarantees the durability of underwear.Therefore, you need to ensure that you follow the cleaning method, avoid dyeing according to the instructions, and dry it if necessary.But please note that drying sex underwear must be low temperature, otherwise the texture and fabric of the sexy underwear may be destroyed.

Sports underwear

Many brands of sexy underwear are designed for sports, so do not forget this when buying sports underwear.Most sports underwear is produced in telescopic materials, the purpose is to help improve sports performance.Wearing sexy underwear during exercise can also make the activity more flexible and more fun.For example, if you wear sexy running or yoga clothes, you can attract more people’s attention and make exercise no longer dull and boring.

in conclusion

With the changes in life, sexy underwear is becoming more and more popular, becoming a standard installation of various styles and occasions.Whether it is daily or in order to enhance the taste, it is important to choose a sexy underwear that suits you.Through the above suggestions and opinions, I hope that everyone can choose the right sexy underwear to enjoy a more sexy and confident life.

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