Why does sex underwear model red skin red skin

Why do sexy underwear models have red skin?

When showing sexy underwear, models often appear red spots or traces on the skin.This is a common phenomenon, but some people may be surprised or uncomfortable.So, why do I have red skin in sexy underwear models?Here are some possible reasons.

1. The effect of blood circulation

When wearing a tight sex underwear, it compresses a certain degree of compression on the waist, hips, thighs and other parts.This compression may affect the blood circulation under the skin, causing the skin to become congested and red in the oppressed area.

2. The friction in the wearing process

When wearing or getting rid of erotic underwear, due to the effect of friction, the skin on the model may be abraded or stimulated, causing skin redness and swelling.

3. Reasons for fabric materials

Many sexy underwear is made of adhesive, silk, polyester fiber, nylon and other materials.These materials may cause a certain degree of irritation or allergic reactions to the skin, causing the skin’s redness and tingling sensation.

4. The influence of fitness

If the size of the sexy underwear is too small or too tight, this will cause additional pressure and compression to the skin.This may cause skin redness and discomfort.

5. Factors for clothing design

The design of some erotic underwear may make it close to the specific areas of the body, such as under the armpits, inner legs, etc., which causes the skin in these areas to be oppressed and red.

6. The impact of weather conditions

Hot weather can cause skin pores to expand, making the skin more vulnerable to stimulation and vibration.If the effect of sexy underwear is added, it may make the skin easier to become red.

7. Factors in specific physical states

Some people’s skin is already more sensitive, or they may suffer from specific types of skin diseases, such as eczema.These factors may cause skin redness when wearing sexy underwear.

8. The effect of sexy underwear material

Many sexy underwear contain red dyes or other chemicals.These chemicals may stimulate the skin and make the model’s skin red.

9. Factors of skin sensitivity

Some models may be allergic to certain materials or ingredients, causing redness and pain on the body.These allergies can be fabrics, adhesives, chemicals, etc. used on sexy underwear.

10. It may be the effect of showing off

In some cases, the red skin of the model may be done for the purpose of showing off and attracting attention.In this case, sexy underwear designers may want a clear red effect on the model to make their products more eye -catching.

in conclusion

It is common to appear red and swollen when wearing sexy underwear, but it is not necessarily a manifestation of health or skin problems.In general, this phenomenon will naturally fade naturally after a few hours or after a few days.If you are worried about the seriousness of redness and swelling, please contact your doctor or professional sexy underwear consultant for suggestions.

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