Why are sexy underwear women all women

Seeming to love underwear only belongs to women, why?

When we talk about sexy underwear, the first reaction of most people is women.In fact, this device has been considered to be dedicated to women in the past.But why does sex underwear seem to belong to women?This is because of the influence of various factors such as history, culture and market.Next, this article will introduce these factors in detail.

Historical reasons: the birthplace of sexy underwear

Interest underwear began in ancient China to a large extent.It is said that the earliest recorded sexy underwear can be traced back to the Ming Dynasty.These sexy underwear is usually designed for women.There is no doubt that the design and production technology of sexy underwear have improved over time, but it has always been closely connected to women.

Cultural reasons: the influence of gender concept

In the past few centuries, gender concepts have been one of the leading factors worldwide.In this context, women are regarded as a gentle, fragile, and weak gender.Therefore, men’s use of sexy underwear is almost shrouded in a sense of contraindication.At the same time, this also explains why sexy underwear always always appears in women in the slogan, such as:

"Sexy underwear that makes men crazy"

"Perfect feminine sexy skin"

Market reasons: Demand Decision Supply

Market demand is the main driving force for the development of any product.The same is true for the market for sex underwear.There is no doubt that women have always been the main force of this market.This is because women usually pay more attention to their sexy and beauty, and this underwear is designed for this.However, the situation is changing today.More and more men realize that they need to pay more attention to their appearance and confidence, so the market is constantly developing new male sexy underwear products.

Design cause: Women are more vulnerable to stimulus

Many sexy underwear is designed for sexy stimulation and sex toys.In this case, women are more likely to be stimulated.According to statistics, most women can achieve orgasm by using different types of sexy underwear.Compared with this, the proportion of men’s sex underwear is far less than women, which is also an important factor for sex underwear to belong to women in the past.

Social concept: Women bear greater social pressure

Women are facing many pressures in society, including appearance and age.These will make them feel more unconfident in terms of sex.Sexy underwear can help women increase self -confidence and make them feel more attractive.This is one of the reasons why sexy underwear has a wide range of user groups in women’s groups.

Product positioning: Men’s sexy underwear is relatively newer

Although men’s sexy underwear markets are growing rapidly, they are relatively new products compared to women’s sexy underwear products.In fact, many consumers have just started to contact men’s sexy underwear, and they do not fully understand their advantages and design.Therefore, the development of men’s sex underwear market will take some time.

Marketing: Women’s erotic underwear is more common

In the past few decades, the sexy underwear brand has been continuously developing the women’s market.Relatively speaking, the marketing of men’s sex lingerie is not strong enough.This has led to sexy underwear in the exclusive field of women in Volkswagen’s collective consciousness.But over time, the market penetration rate of men’s sexy underwear products is gradually increasing.

Time changes: society is more widely agreed on gender issues

In today’s social environment, people have a wider and more open understanding of gender issues.This has changed people’s ideas and attitudes, and also promotes the market and product development of products such as men’s sex lingerie and other products.With the increasingly open concept of gender, the market penetration rate of sexy underwear will gradually increase.

Conclusion: Interesting underwear is exclusive to everyone

Interest underwear should not be considered a product that belongs to only women.Although in the past, sexy underwear was more used by women, but now with the widespread recognition of gender issues, market demand, product design and marketing, such as the society and other factors, product design and marketing, the market prospects and application scope of erotic underwearIt is constantly expanding.Therefore, sexy underwear is gender neutral and suitable for all consumers needed.Men should also bravely try to use sexy underwear to find their sexy side.

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