White silk hammo sex lingerie opening picture

Brief introduction

The white silk suspender sex underwear is an adult erotic underwear equipped with stockings and suspenders. With pure white as the main color, it can bring a fresh experience to couples.

Style introduction

The main part of the white silk suspender sex underwear is a tight -deep V vest with high elasticity to adapt to various figures.Behind the underwear is a pair of enhanced version of suspenders, which can be adjusted. The front chest adopts a unique cross design, which greatly highlights the charm of women. At the same time, the stockings are carefully created, delicate and soft, fit the skin, showExtremely sexy effect.

Use occasion

White silk hammo sexy underwear is suitable for various sex occasions, such as when I am close to my lover, or do some more special sexual stimulus activities, such as SM.At the same time, it is also a weapon of sexy night, which can make the couple’s experience deeper and experience the sex experience that is different from normal life.

Size selection

The white silk hammo sexy underwear is suitable for women of various figures, and its size is also diverse.At present, underwear styles for different sizes are relatively mature, and consumers can choose the appropriate size according to their figure and preferences.

Color matching

The main color of the white silk suspender sex underwear is pure white. It is recommended that the color of the stockings is mainly white to maintain the purity of the overall color.At the same time, you can choose some cinnabar details with different colors to enhance the sexy effect of sexy underwear.


The stockings of the white silk suspender sex underwear need to pay attention to prevent hook silk. It is recommended to wash it by hand, and you cannot bask in the sun, so as not to be damaged.In addition, the strap and pants head of the underwear also need to maintain carefully to maintain its quality and performance.

price range

The price of white silk hammo sexy underwear is generally around 100 yuan, and the price of different brands will be slightly different.Consumers can choose according to their own needs and economic capabilities.


It is recommended to buy white silk suspenders sexy underwear on regular sex shops or e -commerce platforms to avoid purchasing counterfeit and shoddy products.At the same time, you can browse the evaluation and introduction of the product before buying to understand the style and quality of the underwear.

Other recommendations

If you want to try other styles of sexy underwear, you can consider the shoulder -free underwear, lace sexy underwear, and vests fun underwear. Different styles can bring you more sexy experience.


As a kind of adult sexy underwear, the white silk suspender sex lingerie fully reflects the sexy side and can bring more experience and pleasure to the couple.However, in the process of purchasing and use, we must pay attention to protecting the safety, privacy and dignity of yourself and others.

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