Which movies are wearing sexy underwear

1. "Fifty Degree Gray"

The movie "Fifty Degree Gray" tells the strange love between Anna Stur and Christ Wayne Gray. There are multiple plots in the film involving sexy underwear. For exampleWait, sexy underwear is regarded as a symbol of further heating up the relationship between the two in the movie.

2. "Fatal Temptation"

In this movie, Salang Stone wore a black lace underwear and performed a dangerous and exciting temptation with Mike Douglas.The extension of lace sexy underwear and plot has brought endless reveries and stimuli to the audience.

3. "Day Dreamer"

Although this movie is not based on sexy underwear as a selling point, there are many scenes in the film’s scenes that Ruis Wituz Peng wearing sexy underwear, allowing the audience to see the hero’s sexy and weakness from another angle.

4. "If Love has God"

This film tells a story of love. When the heroine Du Juan climbed up the seat in a two -seater car to kiss the actor, it was not only the perfect revealing of her red underwear, but also the bold and wild sexy underwear.

5. "Tokyo Godfather"

In this film directed by Gao Xunxun, the heroine’s red erotic underwear left a deep impression on the audience.The reflection of this sexy charm is not only an extension of the character’s character, but also adds a mysterious and sexy atmosphere to the film.

6. "Lan Yu"

This movie is a theme movie about gay. In the film, the actor Yuan Kai wore white thongs and black beams of sexy underwear, showing his sexy and charming side.

7. "Captain Philip"

This film tells the story between Captain Philip and a boy named Bobby. The scene of Bobby wearing a female sexy underwear appeared in the movie.Thinking.

8. "Wall Street"

In this movie, Dario Aberng has successfully incorporated sexy underwear into his own character image, showing the sexy and charm of his character, and also highlights the power and control of his mall.

9. "Kill Bill"

In this movie, Uma Serman wore black and sexy underwear, showing her charming and sexy. While showing the sexy charm of the character in the film, it also relieved the bloody violent lens.

10. "Crazy Max 4: Rage Road"

In this movie, the heroine Charlotte Lisa Jandpi was wearing a mechanical dress with a mechanical sense. The strong contrast visual impact also added a lot of surprise and enjoyable effect to the film.

Which of the above is the introduction of sexy underwear.In the movie, sexy underwear often plays a sexy and charming character. It is not only a condiment of the film, but also a weapon for shaping the character image.In future movies, sexy underwear will also appear in a more diverse attitude, bringing different visual feasts to the audience.

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