Which category of sexy underwear registered trademarks

What is sexy underwear trademark

Interest underwear trademarks are trademarks used when selling sexy underwear.Trademark is a combination of patterns, words, symbols, or colors. It can be used to distinguish the difference between a company’s products or services and other companies’ products or services.process.

Quota underwear registered trademark category

The category of registered underwear registered trademarks belongs to the 25th category. This category includes clothing, shoes, socks, hats, and other products related to humans, including sex and sex products.Therefore, sex underwear belongs to the "adult products" category in Category 25. This category should be selected when trademark registration.

How to register sex underwear trademark

To register for sex underwear trademarks, you need to apply for trademark registration first.Application for trademark registration requires submitting trademark applications, trademark samples, trademarks instructions, use of trademark statements, and paid.According to domestic law, trademark registration requires a certain fee, and trademarks can be registered in China and international registration.

Review criteria for sex underwear trademarks

The review criteria for sex underwear trademarks include whether it is similar to the registered trademarks, whether it violates national laws and regulations, whether it is conflicted with public interests, and so on.Trademarks can be rejected and needed to be re -modified and submitted for review.The audit standard is very strict, so registered trademarks need to pay special attention to application specifications and preparations.

The protection scope of sexy underwear trademark

The scope of the protection of sex underwear trademark refers to the scope of trademark registrars to its exclusive rights.Only under the authorization of trademark registrars can other individuals and enterprises use the trademark.The scope of protection of the exclusive right to trademarks is three years, and the renewal can be updated again in three years.The protection time of the scope of exclusive rights is generally very long, and it can be maintained until the trademark registrar no longer maintains the protection cost of the payment.

Punishment of sexy underwear trademark infringement behavior

If someone uses a registered trademark without authorization, the trademark registrar may ask them to stop the infringement and have the right to pay the administrative department at a maximum multiple of the maximum of 5 times.In the case of serious circumstances, it may also bear the economic losses of trademark registrars.

The importance of sexy underwear trademarks in cross -border e -commerce

The importance of sexy underwear trademarks in cross -border e -commerce is self -evident.Trademarks are important signs that a brand and company distinguish between other companies. In particular, the baptism of the brand itself for sexy underwear produced and sold overseas can avoid malicious plagiarism from other merchants, and obtain recognition and trust from overseas markets.Essence

How to do fun underwear trademark protection

Interesting underwear trademark protection is not an easy task, but it can be protected through the following methods: carefully set trademarks; check the behavior of other competitors in time to prevent their brands from similar to you or plagiarizing your trademarks; monitor timely monitoring in timeTrademarks were found to report to the law enforcement department in a timely manner and adopt corresponding actions to safeguard their rights and interests.

in conclusion

In short, sexy underwear trademarks are the spokespersons of corporate brands in overseas markets. They need to apply for professional trademark registration and protected to effectively avoid malicious commercial competition and plagiarism, and further enhance their recognition and understanding of overseas markets.Therefore, sex underwear trademarks should be registered and protected as soon as possible to protect their own rights.

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