Where to get in sex underwear after washing

Interest underwear is a more special clothing, and the location of the sun also needs to pay special attention.The following will introduce where you should be exposed after the sexy lingerie washing.

1. Dry in a ventilated place

Interest underwear is a relatively private clothing that should not be exposed in public.You should choose to expose in a ventilated place, such as a balcony or outdoor drying rack.

2. Avoid exposure

The fabric of the sexy underwear is relatively thin, and it is easy to be directly illuminated by the sun, causing the color to fade, deform and even loose.Therefore, avoid direct sun exposure when exposed to sexy underwear. It is recommended to expose it in a half -shade.

3. Avoid drying it on the colored fabric

Sexy underwear should be avoided by blending with non -colored fabrics. It is also necessary to avoid drying the sexy lingerie on the color fabric when drying it to avoid dyeing.

4. Avoid drying to a humid place

After washing the sexy underwear, there is a lot of water, and it should be dried after removing excess water.Avoid sexual underwear in a humid place to avoid breeding bacteria and cause pollution.

5. Avoid sunbathing on the hook buckle

The hook buckle of the sexy underwear is easy to catch other clothes. You should avoid directly sunburn on the hook buckle, so as not to leave a hook or cause deformation.

6. Avoid hanging sun

Interesting underwear is a relatively private clothing, hanging on the drying rack, it is easy to attract the attention of others.Unless it is dried at home, it is recommended to dry the fun underwear.

7. Avoid using a dryer

Interest underwear is a more delicate clothing that uses a dryer to easily cause deformation.It should be dried in a natural air -drying method.

8. Avoid tanning to a place with odor

Interest underwear is easily polluted in places with odor. It is recommended to dry and dry in ventilated and dry places.

Nine, avoid drying for too long

Although sexy underwear needs to be fully dry, it is not conducive to the maintenance of clothing for too long.Under normal circumstances, dry the sexy underwear for 1-2 hours.

10. Summary view

During the drying process of sexy underwear, you need to pay attention to many details during drying to avoid damaging the appearance of the clothing or the quality of the material.Therefore, when drying the sexy underwear, please process it according to the above details.

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