Where is the price of sex underwear cheap

Where is the price of sex underwear cheap

1. Online platform

I believe many people know that there are a lot of sexy underwear products such as Taobao, Pinduoduo, and JD.com, and the price is very cheap.

2. Wholesale market

The wholesale market generally connects directly with the manufacturer. The price will be relatively cheap, but a certain understanding of relationships can be entered.

3. Enter the sex underwear shop

Enter the physical store, talk to the owner or the salesperson, and ask the entry price of the sexy underwear directly. Many shop owners will talk about it.

4. Factory direct sales

Some large manufacturers have directly opened their own online malls, and the internal price will be relatively cheap.

5. Buy with agents

For some small and medium -sized agents, the price will also be relatively cheap, but pay attention to product quality and after -sales service.

6. Procurement team

Some companies have a special procurement team, which is mainly responsible for looking for cheap and stable sexy underwear suppliers.


Many times you can find a lot of coupons on the Taobao coupon sector, and the price will be relatively favorable.

8. Careful comparison price

No matter what kind of procurement method, be sure to compare the price and find the best price.

9. Follow the email list

Some merchants will regularly email new products or promotional activities of sexy underwear, and can get more preferential information through subscribing mail lists.

10. Participate in a large -scale sexy underwear exhibition

Participating in the large -scale sexy underwear exhibition can directly understand the situation of various manufacturers, negotiate with the manufacturer, and find the appropriate sexy underwear supplier.

In general, there are many ways and ways to purchase sexy underwear, but in the final analysis, we must compare the three points of "price, quality, and service" and strive to find the best supplier.

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