Where can Yinchuan have fun jackets

Where can Yinchuan have fun jackets

Brand store

If you have a certain pursuit of the brand, you can choose to go to the well -known department store or shopping malls or shopping malls in Yinchuan, such as Yinchuan Xinhuahui and Guihe Shopping Center. The underwear counters in these shopping malls will have some sexy underwear sales, and the brand and quality will be relatively relatively high quality.Guaranteed.

Online mall

If you want a one -stop shopping experience, you can consider choosing an online mall for purchase.For example, Tmall, JD.com and other e -commerce platforms can choose the screening conditions such as brands, colors, size, etc., and there will be many evaluations to refer to it, which is convenient and fast.

Sexy shop

If you emphasize privacy and need a more comfortable purchase environment, you can choose a sexual product store.These shops are more abundant in product selection, more affordable prices, and the embarrassing sense of embarrassment will be relatively low.

Cosmetics store

Many beauty shops in Yinchuan will have a small amount of sexy underwear sales, and are matched with cosmetics, suitable for women customers to buy.You can go to shops such as better skin, blue crystal, beauty honey, Yuefan beauty and other stores.

Net red shop

These shops generally emphasize novel, small, and personalized, suitable for young people’s preferences.In Yinchuan, you can go to pink roses, little cute and other online celebrity shops to learn about their sexy underwear products.

Female underwear shop

In fact, in traditional women’s underwear stores, such as Li Ning underwear, Master Lady underwear, there will be some sexy underwear sales. Especially for women who like to try on, these shops are good choices.

Adult shop

Next to the Yinchuan Armed Police Hospital, there is an adult shop named "Besie", which has a lot of sexy underwear products.If you want to choose in a private environment, go to such shops for purchase.

Wholesale market

If you need a lot of purchase or choose a more affordable sexy underwear product, you can go to Yinchuan’s wholesale market.The products in these markets are rich in types and their prices are relatively lower.You can consider going to Jialu Market, Yinchuan International Leather City, etc.

Foshan clothing market

Foshan is one of the important production bases and distribution sites of Chinese women’s underwear.If you want to choose more sexy lingerie styles, you may wish to go to Foshan and go to the Foshan clothing market in the city center.

Overall suggestion

Yinchuan’s sexy underwear market is relatively small, and the brands and types of each store are also different.It is recommended to have a clear understanding of the styles and quality you need when buying, and then choose to go to the right store or online platform according to the actual situation.


Buying sexy underwear is a very personal choice, and different people have different needs.It is recommended that you do a good job of budget and screening when choosing a market and stores to ensure that product quality, personalized needs and price are reasonable.Before buying, you also need to understand the personal size and preferences, and accurately buy suitable size and styles.

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