What should I do if my mother buys a sexy underwear?


Mother is our life instructor and people who spend their lives with us.However, with their age, they also have the right to explore and enjoy sexual life.This may make us feel disturbing when we find that our mother bought sexy underwear.If you don’t know how to deal with this situation, this article will provide you with some useful suggestions.

Please don’t panic

First, please don’t panic.Mother’s purchase of sexy underwear or other sexual products does not mean that she is an immoral or improper person.The culture related to this is just the moral and moral concepts we believe and follow, and our mother is also an independent personality, and has the right to enjoy the life and sex she wants.

Don’t blame and criticize her

If you are very firm and think that your mother is wrong, don’t blame and criticize her.This will make the mother feel shy, embarrassed and guilty, and will not change the facts.On the contrary, such accusations will only make the family more nervous.Please do not discuss this topic with her, or talk about this topic publicly in front of his family and friends.

Respect the mother’s decision

We must respect our mother’s choice and decision.This is not our choice or decision, but she has her own reason and motivation to make this choice.The more you respect this choice in your family, the healthier and smooth the family.

Pay attention to her privacy

Pay attention to the privacy of the mother.If you find your mother’s sexy underwear when you clean up your family, although there are signs that she has a secret, please do not make public or others talk about these things.


Please think calmly.We should pay attention to what aspects and issues.(For example, if you don’t know that your mother needs such a underwear before, is she normal and healthy?).If you have any problems, you can consider discussing and solving with your family and mothers.

Understand the mother’s needs

Learn to understand the needs and motivation of mothers.Interest underwear may be a way she is eager to change the quality of life, and it is also a way she wants to change or enhance adult life.At the same time, not all women need or want this kind of thing.You should appropriately understand the mother’s thoughts and needs so that you can make a better judgment.

There may be some benefits

Mother may have some benefits in wearing fun underwear.This underwear may stimulate the atmosphere and promote the communication between the two people, allowing a common feeling for establishing a better relationship.Research from the University of Hong Kong shows that there is a healthy sexual life is the secret of family and health. If the family has a good sex life, the relationship between family members will be more stable and pleasant.

Enhance the tightness

Buying sexy underwear may be a way to try a closer.For some mothers, sexy underwear means that their family relationships are closer and life becomes closer and intimate.For most people, the mother’s sexy underwear is not very important. This is just a private behavior that should not affect your relationship with her.

There are some risks

There are also some risks to buy sexy underwear. For example, after review, the quality of this underwear is not good, or the mother may rely too much on her sexual life and forget other important aspects.In this case, you may need to talk and seek solutions.

Conclusion: Welcome to talk about it

On this issue, we must adopt an openness, frankness and support.Respect the mother’s decision, pay attention to the needs of the family, learn some knowledge and think about these issues. This attitude is much better than any fear and disgusting attitude.If we need help, we should find a professionals and talk about and discuss our thoughts and feelings as much as possible.

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