What should I do if my boyfriend loves to buy sexy underwear

What should I do if my boyfriend loves to buy sexy underwear

Interest underwear can add a fun and fun to life, but when your boyfriend likes to buy sexy underwear, do you feel a little confused?Let ’s take a look with the editor, how should my boyfriend love to buy sex underwear?

1. Understand his needs

The reason why men buy sexy underwear are very different. Some people like to try novel changes. Some people may be attracted by new styles, and some people think that sexy underwear has played a role in promoting sexual life.Therefore, understanding the reason for your boyfriend to buy sexy underwear can help you better deal with this problem.

2. Let him choose the style that suits you

When your boyfriend buys you sexy underwear, you can provide your own opinions and suggestions.After all, he is now buying for your sexual life, so you have the right to choose a style that suits you.

3. Buy together

If you feel that your boyfriend’s choice is not suitable for you, you can buy it with him.This will be a happy shopping journey, making you closer.

Fourth, keep communication

It is very important to maintain continuous communication.If you feel dissatisfied or confused about your boyfriend’s behavior of buying sexy underwear, then you should tell him.In the process of communication, we must keep calm and rational.

5. Understand the size

It is important to understand your size.If you don’t know your size, then you may choose the wrong sexy underwear, which will cause you to feel uncomfortable or tight.

6. Try to penetrate underwear

Trying sexy underwear can help you determine whether the underwear is suitable for you, and it can also make you find the most comfortable size.If you do not try it on, then you may choose not for your underwear.

7. Accept new things

If you have never tried sexy underwear, then you may feel a little uneasy or hesitant.However, sexy underwear is one of the very ordinary underwear, but it is more sexy.Therefore, it is very important to accept new things and let go of psychological shackles. It is very important to enjoy life.

8. Not all sexy underwear is used in sexual life

Not all sexy underwear is for sex, some sexy underwear is to increase the interest of life.Therefore, you can wear sexy underwear in normal life and enjoy life.

Nine, timely communication experience

When your boyfriend bought you a sexy underwear, you need to communicate your feelings in a timely manner.If you feel comfortable and satisfied, then you need to tell him.

10. Personal respect

Finally, personal respect is one of the highest reasons for the breakdown between people.Therefore, when dealing with your boyfriend’s problem of buying sexy underwear, you need to respect his preferences and interests.Only in this way can your feelings be more stable.

In short, the problem of buying a sexy underwear is not terrible.Through the above methods, you can better solve this problem.After all, sexy sexy underwear is to increase the taste and fun of life, adding a happiness and passion to your life.

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