What sexy underwear is suitable for flat -breasted girls

What sexy underwear is suitable for flat -breasted girls

Step 1: Understand your body characteristics

Flat -up girls need to understand their own figure when wearing fun underwear.First look at what kind of chest type you are, drooping, expanding, and flat exhibitions.If it is small and tight, it is suitable for the front buckle and steel -free underwear.If it is a flat exhibition but not plump enough, you can choose a thick cup style, or you can wear a tailoring to wear a shirt to make yourself more sexy.

Step 2: Buy the underwear style that suits you

For flat -breasted girls, the suitable sexy lingerie style is very important.Generally speaking, women with small chests are suitable for wearing some thick coating cups, pads or squeezed sexy underwear. These styles can make the chest look fuller.

Step 3: Pay attention to the selection of the size

When choosing a sexy underwear, the selection of size is an essential link.If you choose a large size, you will be uncomfortable to wear underwear.If you choose a small size, you must not wear it.When selecting the size, it is recommended to measure the size of the body first, and then select the appropriate underwear according to the size table.

Step 4: Choose a soft material

For flat -breasted girls, the choice of underwear material.It is best to choose a soft and comfortable fabric to avoid rubbing to the skin when you wear it.Cotton, linen, or silk underwear are very soft and comfortable, good breathability, and can also provide you with a better dressing experience.

Step 5: Select the right style

Flat -up girls must choose the right style when wearing sexy underwear.In addition to the color and details, the right style will also make your figure better.For example, choosing some styles with pads and underwear with water bottle can improve the plumpness of the chest and help you have a more charming curve.

Step 6: Choose V -shaped shape

The V -shaped underwear will be thinner for round neck underwear, and at the same time, the chest stretching can show a beautiful line.Choose V -shaped underwear, which can display the chest contour well, making the flat -breasted girls more sexy.

Step 7: Choose a style with increased nipples

Flat -up girls can choose some underwear styles that increase nipples to increase their sexuality.These styles can include some well -tailored tulle underwear, short pocket underwear, etc. Although these styles do not have too many thick pads, they can help flat -breasted girls’ attention to the opposite sex.

Step 8: Choose underwear embellished with flowers

While increasing sexy, flat -breasted girls can also choose the underwear embellished with flowers, or add flowers to the underwear to make the underwear look more retro.

Step 9: Use the way of matching

Whether it is flat breasts or breast enhancement, the matching of underwear and tops is very important.You can choose some sexy dresses or off -the -shoulder tops. These styles can be well matched with sexy underwear.

Step 10: Self -confidence to show yourself

Finally, no matter what kind of sexy underwear is wearing, the most important thing is self -confidence.The self -confident mentality can bring you infinite charm, and you must recognize yourself in your heart that it is the most beautiful, so that you can truly vividly interpret the sexy interpretation.


Selecting sexy underwear is a great fun of women and a way to show themselves.Flat -up girls are not difficult to wear fun underwear. It is suitable for your own style and suitable way of dressing, which can show you better personal charm.

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