What pictures are used for selling sexy underwear shops

What pictures are used for selling sexy underwear shops

With the development of society, the degree of liberation has also increased, and the sex shop has gradually entered the public’s vision.As a special underwear style, sexy underwear has also attracted much attention in recent years.For selling sexy lingerie stores, how to display product pictures is also particularly important.This article will introduce what pictures should be used in selling sexy underwear shops from multiple aspects.

1. Show product details pictures

If you want customers to truly understand the details of the product, a single or simple front and back photos can no longer meet the needs of customers.Therefore, selling sexy underwear stores needs to show pictures of sexy underwear from various angles, and display details such as quality, fabrics, locks, zippers, hooks and mesh eyes.

2. Use models to display underwear

Underwear websites use models to display underwear, which can show the effect of underwear well.Choosing the right model is of vital significance. The body’s figure is best to close the body of the customer so that it can really attract the attention of customers.

3. Use a variety of skin tone models

The rise of erotic underwear also allows more different skin colors to buy underwear suitable for their body shape.However, the display of the underwear did not change.Therefore, selling sexy underwear stores requires a variety of skin tone models to display sexy underwear.This also makes it easier for customers to find underwear styles that suits them.

Fourth, display underwear style map

There are more and more diverse styles of underwear. How to allow customers to better understand the style of underwear is a problem that sells sexy underwear shops.Models wearing underwear can show a lot of underwear styles, but the style map of underwear is a better choice. It can display more sexy lingerie styles in a shorter time.

5. Use color to express the characteristics of underwear

For sexy underwear, in addition to styles, the color of the underwear is very important. The choice of color can also express the sexy and texture of the underwear.Therefore, selling fun underwear shops can use colors to express the characteristics of underwear, such as black, red and brown.

6. Use technical photos

Nowadays, technology is becoming more and more developed, and how to use technology photos to show that products are more and more valued.Selling sex underwear shops can use technical photos such as 360 degrees to show sexy underwear, so that customers have a feeling of trying on.

7. Use a small animation to display sexy underwear

Selling sex underwear shops can use small animation methods to show sex underwear.This method can show a three -dimensional three -dimensional situation in front of the customer, allowing customers to understand the details of sexy underwear more realistic and intuitively.

8. Emphasize the combination of underwear with popular elements nowadays

Interest underwear is not just a enhanced version of traditional underwear.Combining popular elements at the moment can emphasize its fashion and sexy characteristics, and it is easier to attract young groups.Therefore, selling fun underwear stores needs to pay attention to the combination of underwear and popular elements, and constantly update and display its latest styles.

Nine, let the sexy underwear integrate into the scene

For sexy underwear, it is difficult to make customers have the desire to buy.At this time, combining sexy underwear with scenes will make sexy underwear more attractive.For example, the display of sexy underwear in the office, bar, cafe, beach and other situations can bring more associations and experiences to customers.

10. End view

Through the above -mentioned introduction, we can know how to use pictures to show sexy underwear.Diversified picture display methods can not only meet the needs of customers, but also attract more potential customers and increase sales.

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