What malls are there in sex underwear

What malls are there in sex underwear?

1. Jingdong Mall

As one of the well -known domestic large -scale e -commerce platforms in Jingdong Mall, it has a complete sales channel and relatively complete after -sales service. It is a good choice for buying sexy underwear.There are many brand and models of sexy underwear on JD.com to meet various needs.

2. Taobao

Taobao, as the largest e -commerce platform in China, naturally cannot drop a good business opportunity to sell sexy underwear.On Taobao, the variety of sexy lingerie styles are full of different consumer needs.

3. Tmall Mall

Tmall Mall is a brand of Taobao. For high -end consumer groups, the sexy underwear sold is relatively luxurious and high -quality. Consumers can find unique sexy underwear here.

4. Vipshop

Vipshop is one of the most famous discount shopping platforms in China, and there are also products selling sexy underwear.And due to the advantages of the platform’s supply chain, the price of sexy underwear is also very advantageous.

5. Suning Tesco

Suning Tesco is also one of the top e -commerce platforms in China. At present, many brand and models of sexy underwear are sold, and consumers can buy according to their own needs.

6. Mushroom Street

Mushroom Street is a female fashion shopping platform that is committed to making fashion a lifestyle.Here, consumers can find a lot of sexy and fashionable sexy lingerie styles.

7. Women’s underwear specialty store

On Taobao, JD, and Tmall, there will also be some shops that specialize in selling women’s underwear. These shops will also sell some sexy and interesting underwear.Consumers can go to these shops to find their favorite products.

8. Fochrier Store

In some cities in China, you can also find some sex products stores.These shops will sell a variety of sex products, including sexy underwear.Compared with the e -commerce platform, consumers can actually go to the store to buy goods, and have different shopping experiences.

9. Overseas shopping platform

Overseas shopping platforms, such as Amazon, EBAY, etc., there are also many brand and models of sexy underwear sales.Consumers can find products that cannot be bought in China on these platforms.

10. Matters that you need to pay attention to when buying sexy underwear

When buying sexy underwear, consumers need to pay attention to buying high -quality brands and avoid buying products that are low -quality and do not conform to ergonomic design.At the same time, you must pay attention to your comfort when buying. Only when you feel comfortable and confident can you better show the sexy and beauty of the underwear.


Nowadays, there are many sexy underwear in the market. Consumers need to choose business with reputation when purchasing. At the same time, they also pay attention to personal feelings and comfort. Buy a suitable sexy underwear to bring themselves more sexy and beautiful.And confidence.

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