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Crayon Xiaoxin is a very popular anime that brings a lot of happiness to the audience in a humorous and funny way.I can often see the sexy shots of Misaki (Misaki Nomara), which has a scene where sexy underwear has appeared.So, which episode of Misaki ’s scenes of sexy underwear?

The first time I mentioned sexy underwear

For the first time, Mei Yan mentioned that the sexy underwear was in the 30th episode of the animation "The first time the beauty".In this episode, Misaki was curious about Kangfu told her that the physical structure of the boy and the girl was curious, so she secretly ran to the market and bought a sexy sexy underwear.

First wearing a sexy jacket

For the first time, Meiyi wore a fun underwear, in the animation episode 77 "The Temptation of the Hot Spring Hut".In order to take care of the Edo festival of Dayfan, Xiaoxin’s family went to the hot spring hut together.In this episode, in order to attract Xiaoxin’s attention, Misaki secretly put on a black lace sexy underwear, and the scene was quite teasing.

Buy sexy underwear with Xiaoxin

Mei Yan and Xiaoxin went to buy sexy underwear together, in the 126th episode of "The Sexy Lingerie".In this episode, Xiaoxin accidentally discovered Mei Yan’s sexy underwear, so he said he wanted to buy it with Meiyi, which triggered a series of interesting stories.

Interesting underwear at the adult exhibition

In the "Crazy Incident at the Adult Exhibition" in Episode 202, Mei Yan and Xiaoxin’s family visited an adult exhibition.At the exhibition, Misaki put on a variety of sexy sexy underwear, which not only brought Xiaoxin’s eyes, but also brought a series of joyful laughs to the audience.

Interesting underwear at the banquet

In Episode 267 of the animation, in order to make the banquet more interesting, Misaki specially put on a set of sexy sexy underwear.This scene surprised Xiaoxin and others, but also increased the atmosphere of the banquet.

Sexy underwear in pajamas

In Episode 478 of the animation, Mei Yan and Xiaoxin’s family participated in a pajamas.On her pajamas, Mei Yan changed into a pink sexy underwear to show her sexy side.

Mei Yan and Xiaoxin stealing fun underwear together

In Episode 786 of the animation, in "The Battle of Love Insteads", the story of Meiyu and Xiaoxin’s stolen sex underwear is laughing.In this episode, in order to make Xiaoxin happy, Meiyi deliberately put on a set of sexy sexy underwear, and came to the store late at night with Xiaoxin to steal sex underwear.

Misaki sexy underwear trips

In the 899th episode of the animation episode 899, Mei Yan showed Xiaoxin to Xiaoxin’s tricks.In this episode, Mei Yan put on a set of red sexy underwear, showing her sexy side with the posture of Inuyasha, which was impressive.


Among the crayon Xiaoxin, Mei Yan’s sexy underwear scene can be said to be a lot. From the first mention to sex underwear to buying, wearing with Xiaoxin, and to the display in various occasions, we have left us deepimpression.Although Misaki’s sexy underwear is colorful, it is undeniable that these plots and scenes are also a reflection of market demand, reflecting the pursuit of modern people’s pursuit of personality and open entertainment.

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