I opened a sex lingerie and underwear and Security Department

The original intention of creating a sex underwear and Underwear

As an industry insider who has long -term designs of affectionate underwear, I know that interesting underwear is not just a simple fashion match for some people, but also a way to express unique charm and sexy.But at the same time, I also found that the information and products of sexy underwear in the market generally lack standardized and quality management, and there are great hidden safety hazards and consumer rights risks.In order to solve this situation, I decided to invest in creating a sex underwear and Confucian Security Department, from the quality supervision, risk assessment and supervision of affectionate underwear to ensure that the interests of consumers are maintained.

The operating mechanism of the Security Department of Sex

The Security Division of the Intersection Underwear adopts multiple audit mechanisms to track and test the brand, wholesalers and sellers, screen out and provide unified certification and standardization specifications.At the same time, the regular random inspection and evaluation system is established, accountability and rectification of unqualified situations in the process, an open and transparent information platform, and providing consumers with authoritative evaluation and purchase suggestions.

Interesting underwear and Security Department is committed to doing things

We are committed to establishing a safe, healthy and comfortable ecological environment of the sexy underwear industry, promote the structural reform and product innovation direction of sexy underwear, and give full play to the characteristics and essence of sexy underwear in traditional aesthetics and culture through guidance and service.Consumers at home and abroad bring a new underwear cultural experience.

The service content of the Info Underwear Security Department

In addition to the quality supervision and consumer rights protection of sex underwear, the Security Division of the Intersection of Infunion also provides services such as consulting, evaluation, design and training professional consultation, assessment, design and training in the sex underwear industry to provide practitioners and enthusiasts with one -stop solutions and enthusiastsComprehensive support has become one of the most important service providers in the sex underwear industry.

The overall goal of the Security Department

The overall goal of the Info Underwear Security Department is to provide industry standard customization for the sex underwear industry, making the industry’s operations more fair, transparent and safer.We will provide a strong guarantee for the development of the entire ecological environment of the industry and achieve sustainable development of the industry.

The professional team of sex underwear and Construction Department

The Info Hiroshi Public Security has hired senior experts, scholars and researchers in the industry to establish a team with rich experience and high professionalism, and is committed to providing the industry’s top management and high -quality services.trend.

Interest of the Instant Clothing and Confucian Security Department’s industry recognition

The Info Hirror Public Security Division has been widely recognized and supported by the industry, becoming a popular and weeping person in the sex underwear industry, and constantly practiced the service purpose of "winning the market with quality, the market for trust, and maintaining development with trust".

Social responsibility of sex underwear and Construction Department

The Security Department of the Intersection of the Intersection has a strong sense of social responsibility, actively supports and participates in public welfare, advocates gender equality and sexual health, provides consumers with a high -quality and healthy shopping environment, and has become a positive and social force in the industry.

Interesting underwear and Security Department’s commitment to consumers

The Security Division of the Intersection Underwear will always be based on the interests and needs of consumers, and invest more manpower, material and financial resources to build, promote and improve the industry specifications and standards systems, so as to be open, fair, and fair, so that consumers can buy them to buy them.With peace of mind and rest assured.

The ultimate purpose of the Security Department

We firmly believe that, with the continuous exploration and efforts of the Security Division of the Interest of Innerwear, the sexy underwear industry will gradually develop into a standard, healthy, expected, full -scale and basic industry, for industry participants, consumers, society, and our us.The country brings more value and contribution.


Interest underwear is different from ordinary underwear, and its business model and market value are also very unique.Once the industry specifications and standardization standardization is broken, it will inevitably lead to safety and quality problems, and seriously damage the interests of consumers and the reputation of the industry.As the regulatory agency and industry service autonomy agencies of the industry giant, the Info Hyllarsa and Construction Department will standardize and lead the behavior of enterprises in the industry at a higher level to ensure the development of the sex underwear industry and the maintenance of consumer rights.

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