What hotel sells sexy jackets


In recent years, more and more hotels have begun to sell sexy underwear, which has attracted the attention and doubts of many people.Why do these hotels choose to sell sexy underwear?There must be some deep reasons behind this.Next, we will explore this topic in depth.

Hotels need to broaden their business fields

As one of the representatives of the service industry, the hotel has to seek new growth points today. In addition to conventional accommodation and catering services, it is a good choice to broaden the business field.Sexy underwear is a sexy and novel product, which is in line with the characteristics of the hotel as a leisure place and a place of sex.

Selling sex underwear can increase returns

In addition to expanding the business field, hotel sales of sexy underwear can also increase benefits.Some high -end hotels’ sexy underwear is often expensive. Once consumers buy it, they do not have to flow in gift shops or supermarkets. While enjoying hotel accommodation and entertainment, they can also buy sexy underwear they want or need to drive hotel salesEssence

Selling sexy underwear can increase customers’ impression of hotels

For some high -end hotels, in addition to providing high -quality services and facilities, creating a romantic, sexy, and luxurious atmosphere is also an important factor in attracting customers.And sexy underwear can undoubtedly add a lot of color to the hotel, and increase customers’ impression and praise of the hotel.

Sales sexy underwear can meet the needs of customers and shopping desires

The consumption concept of modern people has changed a lot, and more and more people are pursuing personalized and unique consumer experiences.For some couples or newlywed couples, the service provided by the hotel to provide sex underwear to buy can undoubtedly meet their shopping desires and needs.

Sales of sexy underwear can increase customer stickiness

By selling sexy lingerie, hotels can increase customer stickiness.On the one hand, if the customer is satisfied with the sexy underwear products provided by the hotel, then they will choose the hotel first when they go to the hotel next time to improve the customer’s loyalty;Buy directly, then a small ticket with rental Fee will become a subtle embellishment for customers to remember the hotel journey.

Sales sex underwear requires cautious operations

After all, selling sexy underwear is different from traditional hotel business products, and the hotel needs a certain operation and management capabilities.The hotel needs to formulate reasonable sales policies and management specifications according to its own situation, protect customer rights and interests, and avoid after -sales disputes and adverse evaluations.

Reasonable erotic underwear layout is very important

If the sexy underwear sold in the hotel does not have a reasonable layout and display method, it may reduce the willingness and purchase experience of customers to buy.The hotel needs to formulate points and layouts, display methods, and display in depths, and in -depth binding of sexy underwear and hotels to shape a unique service experience according to the needs and preferences of customers to shape.

Sales sex underwear need to consider public opinion risk

After all, sexy underwear is not a traditional product. It is easy to cause some public opinion during sales. It requires the hotel to pay attention to the details of language, text selection, advertising, and after -sales service during the sales process to avoid some unnecessary impacts and losses.

Marketing strategy needs to be consistent with the hotel theme

Sales of sexy underwear can add new highlights to the hotel, enhance the brand image, and become the medium of selling other products. However, the marketing strategy selected by the hotel must be consistent with the theme.The degree of compliance with factors such as services, customers.


In short, hotel sales of sexy underwear are not only a way to broaden the business field, but also an effective means to increase service experience, improve customer satisfaction and loyalty.However, when selling sexy underwear, hotels need to pay attention to practical operations, public opinion risks, marketing strategies and other details to ensure that the sales of sexy underwear can bring positive benefits to the hotel.

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