What erotic underwear is good under the chest

Cause of drooping chest

With age, the tissue of the chest will gradually reduce elasticity and firming.In addition, pregnancy, breastfeeding, sudden weight loss, and other health problems may also cause sagging chest.Therefore, choosing the right sexy underwear can help the chest maintain a tight and vibrant state.

Select models and materials

From the perspective of models, the off -the -shoulder type, shoulder -free and triangular underwear cups can provide better support.In terms of material, nylon and polyester fibers with good elasticity and highly tightness are better options.In addition, sexy underwear with lace lace and sequins can also improve the visual effect of the chest.

Selection of size and enclosure

It is important to choose the right size, because wearing underwear under incorrect size will make the chest more prone to drooping.When measuring the size, the enclosure must be correct, so as to ensure that the underwear can provide effective support to the skin.

Belt advantage

When the chest is drooping and wearing a sexy underwear, the design of adding a belt will be very useful.By absorbing gravity downwards, the belt can reduce the weight of the chest and provide additional support for the breast to make it more compact.

The effect of tight underwear

Tight underwear is a special erotic underwear, which is similar to the combination of wax and bra.This underwear can provide additional control and support to ensure that the breast is close to the body without shaking left and right, and more beautiful.

Selection of vest sexy underwear

The vest sexy underwear can reduce the sagging of the chest well.After the back is completely wrapped, the chest will be more compact, reduce unnecessary pressure, and make the chest more comfortable.

Selection of personal sex underwear

The design is more in line with the curve of the human body.While repairing a little talent, it can support the breast well, thereby reducing the stance of the breast.It is worth noting that choosing an appropriate size underwear is very important to ensure that it effectively supports the chest.

Selection of the shoulder -free sexy underwear

The design of the shoulder -free strap type has fully considered the drooping problem of the chest in the design. Using the shoulder -free strap design can provide better support and control, avoid the breast shaking left and right, and improve the firming of the chest.

Adjustable underwear advantages

Adjustable sexy underwear can be used multiple times because it can be adjusted according to the needs of each person.Breast drooping may also cause changes in the requirements for underwear. Adjustable underwear can meet different support needs of the breasts and reduce their drooping pressure.


In general, sagging of the chest is a common problem. Correct sexy underwear can help reduce the problem and provide effective support and control to achieve the purpose of beautifying and protecting the breasts.No matter what kind of erotic underwear is selected, you need to ensure that the size and size are correct and choose the model and material that you need to need.

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