What does it look like wearing fun underwear

What does it look like wearing fun underwear

In recent years, sexy underwear has become a popular trend in the fashion industry.However, for women with flat chest, wearing sexy underwear may feel a little worried and confused.When choosing a sexy underwear that suits you, you should consider your body characteristics.The following are the main points that women need to pay attention to when wearing sexy underwear.

1. Choose the style of raising the chest

For flat -breasted women, it is best to choose a style with lace, filled cups or chest pads when choosing sexy underwear.These styles can be raised and filled in the chest, bringing more attractive effects.In addition, you can also choose some styles of stitching mesh or perspective to enhance the advantages of the figure.

2. Avoid choosing too tight underwear

Many sexy lingerie styles have tight design, but for flat -breasted women, choosing too tight sexy underwear will make the figure look thinner.Therefore, we must choose comfortable, loose materials and design, and display figure in the form of dresses or bikinis.

3. Pay attention to the color

Black or other dark series of sexy underwear will make the chest look smaller when the coverage area is smaller.In contrast, the sexy underwear of the light or skin color series will make the chest look slightly plump.

4. The pattern design can play the role of painting the finishing touch

Pattern is one of the key to sexy underwear design. Reasonable pattern design can play a finishing touch.Choosing some decorative textures or patterns will make the chest more plump and stylish.

5. The design is also important

Adopting a vertical sense design can create an illusory visual effect and make your body more curved.If you are willing, you can choose a more layered sexy underwear to wear, which is beautiful and sexy.

6. Reduce too tedious decoration

For flat -breasted women, try to minimize the tedious decoration of sexy underwear.You should choose some simple and generous designs.As long as the design is reasonable, no excessive modification is required.

7. The help of a professional underwearist

If you have the conditions, it is recommended to consult a professional underwear directly. They can recommend the appropriate sexy lingerie style according to your figure characteristics and preferences, making your figure more beautiful.

8. Start from the details, pay attention to match

For women, matching is also a very important part.Frehery women can choose to cooperate with sexy underwear suspenders, silk shorts or small underwear, etc., making the overall effect more coordinated.When wearing sexy underwear, you should start with details and pay attention to reasonable matching.

9. Refusal fixed thinking

Many flat -breasted women think that wearing sexy underwear can make them look flat, so they are unwilling to wear.But this fixed thinking is incorrect.As long as you choose the right style and match, you can also show your charm in sexy underwear.

10. Brave show your beauty

The most important point is that women with flat chest should not care too much about their bust size, and bravely show their charm and beauty.Interesting underwear is to make yourself more beautiful and confident. As long as you choose the right style and match, you can show your most beautiful ~

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