What do you need to say to wear sexy underwear to be comfortable

What do you need to say to wear sexy underwear to be comfortable

Sex underwear can add a lot of passion and mystery to the body, but it is also very important to choose the right lingerie and wear the right sexy underwear.So, what should I say to wear sexy underwear to make myself feel more comfortable?This article will answer you.

Adjust underwear position

A good sexy underwear should not only be sexy, but also comfortable.If the sexy underwear is not suitable, then you need to constantly adjust the position, which is very disturbing.Pay attention to wearing a sexy underwear. There is no sense of binding and force, and you cannot breathe, otherwise it is likely to affect your mood and health.

Choose comfortable fabric

The quality of the material of sex underwear directly affects the comfort of the body.Underwear should not just look very sexy, but also pay attention to the personal feeling and the protection of the skin.It is important to choose the right fabric. Both breathability, hygroscopicness, and comfort need to be considered. For example, cotton underwear is very soft and comfortable, and it is easy to clean, while silk underwear is more sexy and calm.

Appropriate size

No matter what type of sexy underwear, the size of the selection must be appropriate, otherwise it will easily cause breast squeezing and poor breathing.The correct size is to ensure the comfort and appearance of the clothes, and to avoid damage and deformation of their breasts.

Follow the state of the stomach

Be sure to pay attention to the state of the stomach when choosing a sexy underwear.If your waistline is relatively large, or may be affected by other physical factors, the sexy underwear that may be in the abdomen may no longer be a good choice.You can choose some belly or beam underwear to avoid discomfort.

Choose a suitable color

The color of sexy underwear is closely related to your temperament and personality.The color of bright and fluorescent color is very suitable for sexy men and women, while the colorful and dignified underwear is more stable.We should choose the color that suits us to better express the charm and personality on ourselves.

Consider the external environment

When wearing a sexy underwear, you must consider the external environment and try to meet the needs of different occasions.If you wear sexy underwear on special occasions, you need to choose the right style and color according to the occasion, so as to show yourself better, so as not to be ridiculed or joke.

With clothing

When choosing a sexy underwear, consider matching the problem to understand the characteristics of your body. Some fleshy women choose a more relaxed T -shirt or coat show to show their sexy. With the appropriate sexy underwear, it can shape the perfect figurePhysical confidence.

Sexy lingerie care

Wearing a sexy underwear is inseparable from underwear care. Improper care will not only affect the neat hygiene of the underwear, but also affect the comfort of the body.Therefore, you must pay attention to the care method, choose the right water temperature and soap, and then use a clean towel or towel to dry, then leave, or use air drying. Add some spices and petals to help eliminate the strange strange.Taste, protecting erotic underwear soft.

in conclusion

When wearing sex underwear, you must consider the comfort of wearing. Choose the correct fabric, suitable size and color, and the state of attention to the stomach, so as to really enjoy your comfortable experience.In addition, you should also pay attention to the external environment and situation, and you need to choose different sexy lingerie styles and colors in different occasions.At the same time, the care of sexy underwear is also very important. It needs to be preserved properly, which can not only extend the service life, but also improve the dressing experience.

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