What are the Guangdong sex lingerie brands

What are the Guangdong sex lingerie brands

Interest underwear is a special underwear that has succeeded in the market for its sexy, desire, personalization and innovation.Guangdong is one of the main production sites of the sex underwear industry, especially Shenzhen and Guangzhou.In this article, we will introduce some famous sexy underwear brands in Guangdong.

1. Lovebird (Birds)

LOVEBIRD, located in Longhua District, Shenzhen, is a company dedicated to the research and development, production and sales of high -end adult sex products and sexy underwear.They have the brand of independent intellectual property rights, leading industrial manufacturing technology and independent sales models, leading the new trend of Guangdong’s sexy underwear industry.


TUTI Court is a new brand that produces female sex lingerie. It is committed to bringing fashion, comfortable and cost -effective sexy underwear to female consumers.Their product design and quality have always been well received and loved by young women.


HOT-FAIR is a sales company of adult sex products in Guangzhou.They sell adult sex products and sexy underwear.The style of spicy Loff’s sexy underwear is more bold and sexy, which is in line with the aesthetic concept of modern young people.

4. Estelle

Estelle is a high -end sexy underwear brand in Guangzhou.They use high -quality real silk fabrics, and are committed to bringing comfortable and healthy dressing to female consumers.Their designers have rich experience, simple and beautiful product design, and have been loved by many women.

5. Lola Home (European lotus)

LOLA Home (European Lotus) is a company in Shenzhen that specializes in developing, producing, and selling women’s sexy underwear in Shenzhen.Their brand LOGO highlights European -style design and emotional cultural characteristics.Their underwear is breathable and comfortable, with novel and fashionable design, and is highly sought after by young women consumers.

6. Lovest (Rosyz)

LOVEST (Ross) is a sexy underwear manufacturer in Guangdong. It has been focusing on adult product manufacturing for more than five years.Their brand has been listed late, but their creative design has been well received in the market and has been well -rated.

7. SISILIA (Susilia)

Sisilia is a company specializing in the production of high -grade sexy underwear. Its products mostly use linen fiber, silk, boutique cotton and elastic materials, which are fashionable and comfortable.The company is known as a fresh and romantic sexy underwear brand by the majority of female friends.

8. Cussolina (Kusalina)

Cussolina is a well -known high -end sexy underwear brand in Guangdong Province.The brand’s designer advocates "the perfect combination of gentleness and sexy", combining sexy and feminine soft traits, becoming a new voice in the high -end sexy underwear market.

Viewpoint: Guangdong’s sexy underwear brand covers the needs of multiple consumer groups. Whether it is design, technology or material, the existence of the brand has led to the development of the consumer market.In particular, those sexy underwear brands that are committed to women’s health have comprehensively considered the needs of various women and have become the focus of market sales.

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