What about kimono and sexy underwear

What about kimono and sexy underwear

1. Background introduction

Commonwealth and sexy underwear is a new style of sexy underwear derived from Japanese culture. The underwear combines the design elements of kimono, allowing the wearer to interpret the introverted beauty in sexy, which is popular with women.Today we will understand together, what are the characteristics of wearing a kimono and sexy underwear and what are suitable for wearing?

Second, unique style

The biggest feature of kimono and sexy underwear is the combination of kimono design elements, such as staggered shirts, etc., giving people a different sexy beauty.

Third, materials and construction

Commonwealth and sexy underwear is generally made of high -quality soft fabrics. It is hand -sewed, while providing a comfortable experience for the wearer, it also shows an elegant texture.

Fourth, loose skirt bottom

The bottom of the kimono and sexy underwear is usually loose, the scope of activities that wearing will not restrain the wearer, and it also greatly adds its style characteristics.

Five, suitable occasions

Commonwealth and sexy underwear is suitable for wearing various sexy occasions, such as dating, Valentine’s Day, etc., can also be used as performance clothing to bring you more outstanding performance effects.

6. Matching method

Commonweight and sexy underwear can be matched with various skirts, such as cute knee skirts, sexy mini skirts, etc., and can also be paired with various styles of jackets, such as knitted sweaters and camisole vests.

Seven, precautions

When wearing a kimono and sexy underwear, pay attention to choosing the length and size of the skirt suitable for your body. Don’t be too tight to maintain the perfectness and shape of the shape.

8. Color and matching

Fumic and sexy underwear generally focuses on soft colors, such as pale pink, light blue, etc. You can also choose color according to your preferences and occasions, with your favorite accessories, full of personality.

Nine, maintenance and maintenance

Complete and sexy underwear is relatively cumbersome in maintenance, and special maintenance requires special maintenance. For example, non -machine washing, avoiding exposure, etc., you need to read the explanation of the product carefully.

10. Summary

Commoning and sexy underwear is a sexy underwear that integrates comfortable, characteristic and aesthetics, which can make the wearer full of confidence and charm in various occasions. It is a sexy choice.

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