Welfare of female workers in sex underwear factory

The real situation of the life of the female worker in the sexy underwear factory

In China, many factories use product -producing underwear as the main industry.These factories have hired a lot of female workers. This article will introduce the real situation of female workers in the sex underwear industry from the perspective of female workers.

Low wages and difficult life

The salary of female workers in sex underwear factories is often very low, and most people can only receive dozens of yuan a day.Because the cost of life is getting higher and higher, this makes them very difficult.

Unit management, there is not much time for freedom

Most of the sexy underwear factories belong to the unit system. Female workers need to get to get off work on time every day, and there is only a short break at noon.Their freedom time is very limited.

Poor working environment, long -term exposure to the factory

The sexy underwear factories are mostly small workshops, and the working environment is relatively poor. Female workers need to be exposed in such an environment for a long time, which has a certain impact on health.

Irregular diet, malnutrition

Some sexy underwear factories use black workers. Female workers need to eat lunch in the factory. The quality of the meals is uneven and the number is insufficient.Therefore, their diet is often irregular and easily leads to malnutrition.

Lack of protection measures, facing risks

Because the sexy underwear factories belong to the informal industry, female workers lack corresponding guarantee measures.Once an accident occurs, it is often difficult to get the due compensation.

Machine replacement artificially, serious personnel loss

With the popularization of machines and the continuous improvement of technology, some sexy underwear production lines have begun to use machines instead of female workers, which has greatly affected the employment of female workers.The phenomenon of personnel loss becomes more and more serious.

Family dilemma, family needs support

Due to the low wages, the families of many sexy underwear factories are in trouble, and they need extra support.

Lack of welfare benefits, you need to follow

Most sexy underwear factories lack welfare benefits, such as legal medical protection and retirement protection.This is a question that requires social attention.

Female workers in sex underwear factory need better quality of life

Female workers in sex underwear are an important part of the entire production line, and they need better treatment.We need to pay attention to their rights and survival situations and give them better quality of life.

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