Wearing a sexy underwear and a boyfriend story

Wearing a sexy underwear and a boyfriend story

When you want to increase your attractiveness to your boyfriend and try a new sensory experience, sexy underwear is a good choice.So how to choose the right sexy underwear, how should you take your boyfriend after putting on it?In this article, I will share with you my sexy underwear journey and bring you a few stories of wearing sexy lingerie.

1. Sex underwear purchase

If you want to wear a sultry effect, you first ensure that your sexy underwear is suitable for you.The size is particularly important. When choosing, you must carefully compare your body size to avoid buying the wrong number.In addition, color and style must also be considered, and classic white and black classic styles are good choices.

2. The first attempt

One night, I put on a set of black sexy underwear at my own house. As soon as I put on it a little shy, I felt that I became different.So, I stood in front of the window and let my boyfriend see how I wore a sexy underwear.He was conquered by me instantly!

3. Sexy meat color underwear

A friend told me that in sexy underwear, meat -colored underwear was the most teasing, so I tried it.I bought a thin meat -colored underwear and took off the coat when she dated, leaving a deep impression on my boyfriend.

4. Charming conjoined sexy underwear

Even physical and sexy underwear is a kind of sexy underwear I have recently tried. Its advantage is that it is sexy and comfortable.I was equipped with high heels when I dated, leaving a deep impression on my boyfriend.

5. The charm of transparent lace underwear

Transparent underwear is the most popular one in sexy underwear. To wear its effect, pay attention to a small underwear with similar colors as underwear. Do not wear T -shirts or sports culture to avoid damaging the effect.

6. Mysterious black stockings underwear

Black stockings are particularly popular in sexy underwear. Together with black lace, adding mystery and sexy, presumably boyfriend will also like it.Of course, in order to better enhance the effect, you can match a pair of high heels.

7. High -Interesting underwear

If you want to show your good figure but do not want to be too exposed, you can consider putting on high -concentration underwear.High -concentration underwear can cover the chest, and the part of the waist and hips can be displayed.This sexy underwear is suitable for women who are eager to tease and have control.

8. Sweet lace underwear

Lace is the most representative element in sexy underwear, and it always brings more feminine charm.Especially in dating, a set of sweet lace underwear can often make my boyfriend more obsessed with you.

in conclusion

Choose the right sexy underwear, of course, you must not forget your body proportions and supporting clothing when wearing, so selective sexy underwear is more of a mentality. Good erotic underwear, so that you not only have a sexy appearance, but also let you have a sexy appearance. At the same time, let you make itYou better show your self -confidence and charm.

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