Wear sex underwear with express delivery

New home express

I just moved into a new apartment, and my sexy underwear courier will also arrive.This is a problem for me.I want to get my parcel as fast as possible, but I don’t want to wear a sexy affectionate underwear in front of strangers.What should I do?

Solution: Homeland

First of all, I decided to dress myself as an ordinary housewife before putting on underwear.This means that I need to put on a comfortable clothes, remove makeup, and tie my hair up to avoid shaking.

Sexy underwear matching

Next, I want to choose a suitable set of sexy underwear.I decided to choose an elegant and sexy lace underwear with a stocking and high heels.In this way, even those who are sent to the courier will not cause too strange people.

Reception courier

When the courier rang my door, I greeted him with a smile.I talk to the courier as naturally as much as possible, so that my expression does not make my expression embarrassed or nervous.

Be polite

During the conversation, I don’t forget to keep polite and respect the career of the courier.I confirmed the content of the package and thanked him.

Thank you courier

When the courier turned and left, I expressed his gratitude to him again and told him that there was any place where he needed him, and he could contact me at any time.

Follow -up measure

I confirmed the package again and checked the internal items.After receiving the package of sexy underwear, I put them in my bedroom and waited for my special date tonight.


In order to avoid the embarrassment or embarrassment of the courier as much as possible, I decided to maintain naturally when receiving the courier, express my needs euphemistically, and always be polite at all times.In this way, I think I successfully solved the problem and got the underwear and respect I wanted.

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